2. Tools List

Wire Strippers - strip wires to plug into ports & prepare for soldering

- various grits (higher grit to lower grit for flaming) - sand the edges of the plastic after using the file to make it relatively even, use the highest grit and slowly downgrade to a smoother and lower grit till you hit 400 then prepare for flaming the edges.

Bandsaw - use to cut straight lines; use to cut all rectangular or straight-edged parts from acrylic plastic

18v Drill - Drill holes through acrylic only using plastic drillbits

Acrylic Glue - can be replaced with epoxy but not without substantial difficulty; used to put pieces of acrylic plastic

Plastic Drillbits - Use these to drill holes into plastic

Tape Measurer - Used to measure things out

- Use to fire edges (after sandpaper)

- Phillips and Flathead

- Cutting out solid works stencils

Soldering Iron - Soldering wires into ultrasonic sensor

Solder - Used to connect wires to ports in a chip