Sea - Betabot - Alexandra, Shelma & Josh

Betabot Project Summary


    We want to try to create a fish the can find, eat, and dispose food continuously. The fish that we will create will be called Betabot. We are going to be solving different problems and face many challenges. One of the many complications that will come our way is seeing how we can calculate buoyancy so that it will float yet sink when needed to. Another will be what are we going to use to make the pellets that the fish will eat. We will need them big enough to fit the LED light, RFID tag, as well as the watch battery but, we need them small enough to go into the mouth of the fish and dispose out. We plan to meet every deadline and possibly finish before a deadline comes up. We will work hard as well as communicate with each other on where we are at on the project. I think that not knowing much about robotics and different mechanisms going into the project will slow us down a little bit, such as making the program on the computer to code everything that the Betabot will be doing. We both will overcome these issues and have an amazing product in the end. Before the product is finished though we both as a team need to figure out we can get the right sensors and right size for this complex project. We will measure our success by putting all of our ideas together on what we want for this project as done so. We have a steady plan that we believe could possible be one of the best. Hopefully even compete in the science fair. We will conduct hard work and ask for help on whatever we don’t understand. Asking questions to our peers as well as our engineering teacher Karl. Hopefully they will get us far and give us a better understanding on what we are doing and what we want. Along with this idea we have to make sure that we make a mock-up and a prototype which will help us fix all the flaws so that our final product is out of this world. We will get critiques from Karl as well as our peers to let us know what is good and what is not so good. Making the mock-up and prototype will help us figure out if it will work and what we should change to make it work.