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1. Ideation Phase

When we first started this project my partner was Josh Jarboe. I had the idea of a quad prop flying car. The idea was to have the same basic shape of a car but, but instead of having wheels it would have four off set vertical facing tilt rotors like the MV-22 Osprey (example only has two tilt rotors).
Aerodyne project sketch:
To build this flying contraption we had an estimated $385 cost. With insufficient funding at the time we had to abandon the idea and combine our group with two other groups. In this group our project was a regular helicopter. To view the groups website CLICK HERE.

because of difficulties with my group i was chosen to break off the group and start my own project. Because of the amount of time i  am given to complete this project i decided to fashion my project from materials and parts available to me. From what i know i have at my disposal I will make a car with an attitude