MASD Collaboration Grant Calendar

The Mt. Angel School District Collaboration Grant is designed to improve student achievement through the collaborative partnership of teachers and administrators. Through this collaboration, we will implement new approaches to develop: career pathways, evaluation processes, compensation models, and enriched professional development opportunities for teachers.

Collaboration Grant Goals
  • EVALUATION Goal: Three-year goal: Use the professional growth process to focus on trust, collaboration, and relationship-building to create a district culture that improves teaching and student learning and growth.

    Goal(s) in 2017-18:

    1.                   GOAL 1a: Collaboratively create tools and processes to assist teachers in collecting evidence of their professional practice.

    2.                   GOAL 1b:  A team of administrators and teachers will increase their assessment literacy in order to create a professional learning plan for 2018-19. (multiple measures of assessment)

    3.                   GOAL 1c: The Teacher Advisory Council will offer teachers a voice in district decision making after the conclusion of the School District Collaboration Grant.

    4.                   GOAL 1d:  Collaboration grant teams and administrators will continue to deepen their knowledge of Improvement Science and use it to strengthen implementation of AVID, PLCs, and Teacher Leadership roles. 

  • Professional Learning Goal: Three-year goal: Improve student growth by planning, implementing, measuring, and reflecting on specific instructional strategies through PLC process.

    Goal(s) in 2017-18:

    1.                   GOAL 2a: Teachers across the district will be working as PLCs to align, implement, and measure the effectiveness of highly effective instructional strategies.

    2.                   GOAL 2b: Teachers participating in Peer Coaching Teams will increase their effectiveness in Questioning and Discussion Techniques (Danielson 3b), Reflecting on teaching (Danielson 4a), and educator peer-to-peer reflective, learning-focused conversations.

    3.                   GOAL 2c:  Staff across the district will participate in AVID training and routinely implement growth mindset and AVID strategies.

  • Career Pathways/Teacher Leadership Goal: Three-year goal:  By June 2018, MASD will have clearly identified teacher leader roles and a system to support them.

     Goal(s) in 2017-18:

    1.                   GOAL 3a:  Priority teacher leader roles will be identified that assist our district in achieving its strategic goal by 2022, focusing on key indicators.

    2.                   GOAL 3b:  Foster a culture that supports all teachers in understanding their individual strengths and supports for seeing themselves as leaders within their PLC, school, and/or district.

    3.           GOAL 3c: There will be a clearly established process for filling leadership roles, defined responsibilities, measures of effectiveness and a plan for sustainability.

  • Alternative Compensation Goal: Three-year goal: Attract, support, and retain highly effective teachers through our alternative compensation model, LEAP (Licensed Educator Advancement Plan)

    Goal(s) in 2017-18:

    1.              GOAL 3a:  There will be financial incentives for teachers to take on teacher leadership roles and responsibilities in areas supported by the District Strategic Plan.

    2.              GOAL 3b: Teachers participating in LEAP will contribute to streamlining processes and paperwork, as well as provide constructive feedback to improve the model.

    3.              GOAL 3c:  Teachers participating in LEAP will be able to demonstrate increased feelings of empowerment and self-efficacy.

    4.         GOAL 3d:  Teachers participating in LEAP will be able to demonstrate improved professional practice.