Your Weekly Responsibilities

Weekly Masco Mentor Updates

Weekly Email Update due every Friday by 2:00pm

You must email your Masco Mentor every week by Friday at 2pm with a detailed update:
  • What did you do this week? What did you learn this week? 
  • Where were you each day and at what times?
  • What did you do with your On-Site Guide?
  • What do you plan to do next week?
  • Is everything going well? Are there any issues?
  • HINT:  Save these emails!  What you write each week will help you write your final reflection paper!

Masco Mentors will be communicating weekly status reports to Ms. DiNardo & Profe Donahue to ensure that all Senior Interns are on the right track.

AP Student / EMT Information

Students taking AP Exams are expected to attend classes until the exam. 

Limited Start Internship 
Students (1-5 AP Exams)
  • will begin internship on time
  • will have limited hours while attending AP classes*
  • will be attending AP classes to prepare for the AP Exams for the first few weeks. 
  • will send weekly updates every week to Masco Mentor
  • will have the At School Check-In with Masco Mentor
  • will begin the full 25 hour per week internship after AP Exams
*Limited Start Internship Schedule Examples (before AP Exams)
1 AP Exam … 20 hours of internship per week
2 AP Exams … 15 hours of internship per week (etc..)

AP Delayed Internship 
Students (3 or more AP Exams):
  • will NOT begin internship on time
  • will attend all AP classes to prepare for the AP exams
  • will begin internship after completing all AP Exams
  • will NOT have the At School Check-In 
  • will begin weekly updates after AP exams

Students taking EMT certification must adhere to the established schedule and attend required AP/EMT courses as well as attend internship (delayed or limited start) as approved in your schedule.