Final Project, Paper & Internship Fair

To successfully finish (and pass) internship, you must successfully complete all requirements:


1. Final Paper
Reflect on your learning experience and submit your paper to your Masco Mentor (due the day of the internship fair).
Length*: Paper is 6 pages, double spaced. 
Academic honesty: You must include a Works Cited if you used resources to complete your project and/or your paper.
1a. Describe and analyze your internship:
Why you chose this internship and project
Why you chose this internship and project
Steps taken to complete your project.
Any difficulties encountered during the course of your project and how you solved them.
The results of your project and what you have learned from the experience
1b. Reflect upon your experiences:
Compare what you were you hoping to get out of your internship vs. what you actually got out of it!
What will you take away from your internship? What did you learn?
Did you come to any conclusions? (about yourself, the field you studied, life, etc.) 
1c. Your personal learning or career goals:
How did your internship relate to what you want to pursue in the future?
Relate your internship to your career and personal goals.
Did internship reinforce your interests or have you changed your mind?
What did you take away from this experience?

2. Final On-Site Guide Evaluation
Your Masco Mentor must receive this final evaluation on or before the day of the internship fair. Your On-Site Guide can email it directly to your Masco Mentor or hand it to your Masco Mentor the day of the Internship Exhibition Fair.

3. Final Project & Presentation at the Internship Fair Exhibition
Present your final project to the community and Masco Mentor in the field house.
You must remain at your project table for the entire fair and answer questions from the community.
Dress professionally!
All other final requirements are due no later than the time of the internship fair.

*Paper Length by Internship Type:
AP DELAYED START: 3-5 pages.