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Let me tell you a little bit about my experience with Technology. When I first started my ED 554: Technology in the Classroom course, I instantly became overwhelmed. Many of my classmates were very experienced when it came to technology. We even had a few professional bloggers. Me, on the other hand, I did what was necessary at the time. Of coarse I was very proficient with Microsoft Office, but keeping up with the new technology fads of the world was not relevant to me. But indeed, it is very relevant to my students and will be for my future students! It was very necessary that I challenge myself with this "technology thing".

The semester began slow for me because I let my lack of confidence in this area control my exploration. I became overwhelmed with the assignments and had this preconceived notion that I couldn't perform well. Regardless of what I thought, the work had to be done. Anyone that knows me and how OCD I am about my grades and success knows that I was going to get it done. The experience was so worth it! As I began to put my fears behind me and started to open up my mind to what this coarse could offer me, I started to explore; I started to become entertained. How foolish I was to think that technology was out of my reach!

And so now, I present to you some of the experiences that I have encountered with technology! I think my professor would be happy to know that I recently used Pixlr to create some products for my ED 557: Social Studies/Literature course (check out the Pixlr tutorial I have linked to this page).  I encourage my audience to take part in this changing world of technology; Become a digital citizen!

Join me as I transfer from a traditional learner to a digital learner!