Requirements for Immersion

Who goes on our trips?

  • Front line parish and diocesan front line ministers and leaders who want to bring a global solidarity perspective to their own spirituality, ministry and programs.
  • Those interested in exploring further opportunities for international mission experiences, including short term mission opportunities.
  • Maryknoll Affiliates. Maryknoll friends and sponsors.

Requirements for a successful experience on a short term immersion mission trip

  • Doing the visits to the different ministries and enjoying tourist sites requires ability to walk unassisted and the ability to remain standing for up to 30 minutes. Most of the sites do not have the same accommodations for persons with mobility issues that would found in the U.S., such as ramps, etc.
  • Ability to climb up and down stairs - getting in and out of transportation, accommodation sites, and from airplanes without walkways.
  • Ability to carry your own luggage. Suggestion: pack light!
  • Depending on trip and location, ability to acclimate well to altitude - 2,560 meters or 8,396 feet above sea level at some locations, such as Cochabamba, Bolivia If on prescription medicine, please consult your health care provider about the impact altitude may have on your health.
  • Ability to eat a variety of foods, vegetarian diets can be handled.
  • Ability to not be severely impacted by higher levels of air pollution, dust and noise associated with developing countries.
  • Each country has its own specific requirements for immunization. We suggest that you contact CDC or your own physician and/or a travel doctor to check the required immunizations.
  • Each country has different requirements for visas, but participants generally must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a valid passport that does not expire within 6 months of the first day of the trip.
  • Willingness to be different and stand out in another culture; due to physical traits such as skin complexion, language, clothing and other individual characteristics.
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