We are Called to Live as Family and Community

Jesus understood that people greatly need other 
people. We all need our families, friends and neighbors. He tells us that these important people can help us. Jesus says we must help them too. Doing this, we create a loving community.

Articles with Study Guides
ArticleStudy Guide
Student Essay Contest 2012: What would Jesus Do? K-5May 2013
Will They Come?K-5/6-12 May 2012
Come and see! Go and tell!
Dec 2011
 Water, Love and Mission in TapacariK-5/6-12 Nov 2011
Love and Laughter in an African Village
 Oct 2011
Beautiful Little Pumpkins
K-5/6-12 Feb 2011
Human Touch in Merida
K-5/6-12 Jan 2011
Glimpses of the GospelK-5
Dec 2010 
One Lamp Lights Another
 6-12Nov 2010
Wellspring in the Desert
K-5 /6-12Sep 2010
To Live as Jesus DidK-5/6-12March 2010
Lost and FoundK-5/6-12 Feb 2010
Transcribing Hope, a Guatemalan Journal
K-5 6-12 Jan 2010
Finding Room at the Inn
K-5/6-12 Dec 2009
A Short-Term Stint at Persistence
K-5/6-12 Sep 2009

Additional Activities

 Activity Source Article
The Good Samaritans of Oaxaca

The Good Samaritans of Oaxaca7-12/K-6
Good Neighbors in KisumuGood Neighbors in Kisumu
Holy MentorHoly Mentor
Book Suggestion:

Picture books or short chapter books for younger students

Baseball Saved Us: Ken Mochizuki

Chicken Sunday: Patricia Polacco

Don’t Laugh at Me: Steve Seskin (book and CD)

The Doorbell Rang: Pat Hutchins

The Goat Lady: Jane Bregoli

Just Plain Fancy: Patricia Polacco

The Keeping Quilt: Patricia Polacco

King of the Playground: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Mrs. Katz and Tush: Patricia Polacco

Nasreen’s Secret School: a True Story from Afghanistan    By Jeanette Winter

One Green Apple: Eve Bunting

Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai. By Clarie A. Nivola

Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace. By Jen Cullerton Johnson(a story of Wangari Maathai)

The Tree of the Dancing Goats: Patricia Polacco

Twenty and Ten: Claire Huchet Bishop

Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen: DyAnne DiSalovo-Ryan

Whoever You Are: Mem Fox

You and Me and Home Sweet Home: George Ella Lyon

Chapter Books or picture books for older students:

After Ever After: Jorden Sonnenblick

Because of Mr. Terput: Rob Buyea

Caddie Woodlawn: Carol Ryrie Brink

Counting by 7’s: Holly Goldberg Sloan

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie: Jordan Sonnenblick

Freak the Mighty: Rodman Philbrick

Home of the Brave: Katherine Applegate

Juvie Three: Gordan Korman

King of the Playground: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Maniac Magee: Jerry Spinelli

Seed Folks: Paul Fleischman

Waiting for Normal: Leslie Connor

Supplemental Articles
 Article DescriptionGrade (s)
Holy Mentor, photo meditation
July/August 2008
This brief photo meditation "in life lessons" give students an opportunity to consider mentors: who helps them learn from their mistakes, who can they speak to about the wonders and delights of the world, who helps them ponder what it means to be fully human. 
Participation Jumps Out! Catholic Social Teaching series
July/August 2008
When a lay missioner family leaves behind all that is familiar, they discover what the Catholic Social Teaching, "Call to Live as Family and Community" is truly about. Their participation in a close-knit neighborhood in Brazil brings them support and joy. 4-12
Living What We've Learned
Dec 2008
A short article that give concise examples of Catholic Social Teachings  5-12
Coming Home
May/June 2009
This is a beautiful description of people and God in community and how our Eucharist is like this; it can inspire children to find ways to express their prayer in movement or drawings.
The Delights of Mission
July/August 2009
Lay Missioner Larry Parr is young, but he is already on his second stint in mission. He knew at the age of 15 he would become a missioner. There is something of interest for most age groups in this article (children benefiting from a soup kitchen started by Parr in El Salvador, the communal spirit of the villagers which enhances their lives, a local music group which includes Parr , and considering points of view when reading Scripture). However, Parr's youth may make this article particularly interesting for students in grades 6-12
The Good Samaritans of Oaxaca
Jul/Aug 2009
The Center for Migrant Orientation opened in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2003, a result of a joint pastoral letter of Mexican and United States Bishops calling for compassion for migrants. Situations of migrant people vary, as does the assistance offered to them, but compassion and care is similar to the Samaritan and the innkeeper of Luke 10:25-37.7-12
K-6, see Related Activities for a story based on this article
From Magazine to Mission
November 2009
Victoria Iaconis and her fiance attended a Maryknoll Youth Day and got their picture on the cover of Maryknoll  Magazine. This led to a letter asking Victoria, a speech therapist, to spend two weeks in Nicaragua. Using her skills, Victoria helped many people and in turn had a life-changing experience. While she is not a student, her decision to  plunge into a mission situation as a young professional is reflective and challenging and can be inspirational to students.
Good Neighbors in Kisumu
Jan 2010
Though the backdrop for this article is tribal violence,  it is an uplifting story of  friendship, trust, acceptance and helping your neighbor even at a cost to yourself.
  4 -12
Buffalo answers, "Who is My Neighbor?
February 2010
The variety of ways the people of Buffalo, New York, reach out to others is amazing. Buffalo is called the "City of Good Neighbors" and though it has been hit hard economically in recent years, it still lives up to it title.
In the article, can you find at least 8 different projects done for others in need?
Name the three countries that people from Buffalo travel to, to help, pray with and learn from.
Many immigrants arrive in Buffalo to settle. What five other countries to they come from and how to the residents there welcome them?
See a VIDEO OF BUFFALO IN MISSION (including twinned parish work in Haiti) here.

Feeling the Earth Beneath His Feet
Sept 2010
Father Thomas Burns' commitment to mission and social justice has led him down a harrowing path at times. When Peru was wracked by violence in the 1980's and 1990's, he survived threats to his safety and later post traumatic stress disorder. His passionate struggles for justice have resulted in great accomplishments. He continues to try "to create a world where people live together as one."  7-12
Our Immigrant Neighbors
October 2010
Maryknoll Affiliate Ann Coady had a Peace Corps experience as a young adult. She always planned to go back, but her life kept her in the United States. Still mission work continually "found" her in ways she could never have anticipated and in numerous and varied situations. Use this to talk about the ways people use their skills to reach out to others, and to look into needs of people nearby.K-12
Missioner Tales, Donald Doherty, M.M.
April 10
Over 30 years ago, Father Donald Doherty worked in Tanzania where he assisted a young man named Andrew to go to school. Meeting again recently, this time in New York City, Father Doherty reallzies how actions on his part then have resulted in benefits for many other people.  This is a lesson in how we affect one another. K-12; see Five Minutes with Mission for a story version