We are Called to be Stewards of God's Creation

The earth and all life on it is God's creation. We are called to take care of it because it is a holy gift from God and the only place we can live. When we make bad or thoughtless use of the earth's resources, many people suffer. When we make poor choices about how we treat other living things (people, animals, plants) we cause life to be less than God intends. Making wise choices about the care of God's creation is called good stewardship.


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The Math in Mission

Calendar of Mission Work
Saving the Rains of Africa 3-6
Water Awareness ActivitiesWater, love & mission in Tapacarí 4-8
Prayers of Creation Stewards of Creation 
Video Suggestion: "Maryknoll and God's Creation": for video Click Here  
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Ecological Conservation: A Mission Imperative
Cosmic Journey
Water and the Community of Life, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns:
National Catholic Rural Life Conference
Book Suggestion:

Picture books or short chapter books for younger students:

Beatrice’s Goat:  Page McBrier

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, Young Readers Editions:  William Kankwamba

The Lorax: Dr. Seuss

The Earth Book: Todd Parr

The Mangrove Trees: Planting Trees to Feed Families: Susan L. Roth

One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference: Katie Smith Milway

Owen and Mzee: Isabella Harkoff, Craig Hatkoff and Dr. Paul Kahumbu

Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai: Clarie A. Nivola  

Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace:  Jen Cullerton Johnson

Someday a Tree: Eve Bunting

Wangari’s Trees of Peace: Jeanette Winter

Arctic Son;  Look to the North, a Wolf Puppy Diary; Snow Bear: All by Jean Craighead George; also see her many other titles.

The Story of Rosy Dock; Home; Window:  All by Jeannie Baker

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest; A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History; The Sea, the Stream and the Mangrove Tangle:  All titles by Lynne Cherry; also see her other titles.

Chapter Books or picture books for older students:
Behold the Trees: Sue Alexander

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creatings Currents of Electricity and Hope: William Kankwamba

An Elephant in the Garden: Michael Morpurgo

Long Walk to water: Linda Sue Park

The man who Planted Trees: Jean Giono

One Well, The Story of Water on Earth: Rochelle Strauss

Seed Folks: Paul Fleischman

Frighful's Mountain; There's an Owl in the Shower; There's a Tarantula in my Purse and 127 Other Wild Pets: All by J
ean Craighead George; see her numerous other titles.


Supplemental Articles
 Grade (s)
Saving the Rains of Africa
July/August 2008
This tells of the varied work of Fr. John Lange in both rural and urban Kenya. His main focus is on water availability. The article could lead to discussions on water usage and importance, tremendous poverty in slums, dignity of people and use of money. Note: the sidebar story, "Danger in a Day's Work" describes a violent incident. 4-12
Living What We've Learned
Dec 2008
A short article that give concise examples of Catholic Social Teachings 5-12
Climate Justice for All
January 2010
At a United Nations summit on climate change in 2009, Catholic lay and religious leaders advocated for poor and vulnerable people. Information in this article will open discussions on what are individual and group responsibilities in caring for the earth, views of religious people from varying parts of the world, what kind of numbers of people have already been affected by climate change disasters. Encourage research about what kinds of work religious organizations are currently doing on care for creation.
See Maryknoll Office for Global Concern.

Neighbors in the Field
February 2010
Migrant workers coming to Buffalo, New York, to harvest apples and other food, have spiritual needs as any group of parishioners. A local group pf volunteers, including Father Ivan Trujillo, join them to celebrate Mass, and to share prayers, pizza, music and laughter. This article helps students appreciate the experience and contribution of migrant workers. It also speaks of the needs of all people to pray together, no matter where or what the circumstances.
At the time of this article, the migrant workers were harvesting apples. Challenge students to read where their apple come from. Say a prayer for the many people involved in providing them with this fruit

VIDEO: This shows many aspects of BUFFALO IN MISSION
World Watch: Ecological Justice
March 2010
 This is a call for ecological justice in El Salvador, where attempts to stop detrimental gold mining has led to law suits against this country by a foreign corporation, and violence against activists. Suggestions for action are included. 7-12
World Watch: Greening Food Deserts
July/Aug 2010
Short article on the importance of local agriculture. 5 and up
Remembering to Give Thanks, photo meditation
Nov 2010
Prayer and beautiful photos help readers appreciate God's gifts to us all grades
Flirting with the Truth, photo meditation
March/April 2011

The text is based on the scripture of the woman at the well and the photos are of women from various places gathering water; these photos clearly show the challenges many people face daily to have water.For grades 7 and up, both the text and photos; for grades K-6, use the photos
World Watch: Water
March/April 2011

Offers different ways to see the importance of water and caring for itFor all ages