Staff Spirituality Day on Leadership 2014


by Father David

June 6 2014

Leadership: the spiritual murmurs are inside us in order to create a relationship. Spirit works to bring people out of exclusion. Vital has a vital part to play in this.

Leadership in society today is not trusted.

Who exercises for you the greatest amount of leadership in the school and society? They are not necessarily the people in the leadership position.  So a definition: leadership is creating the experience of community. Marie Bashir is in a leadership position but has spent her whole life bringing people together.

Leadership is about people, people,people and bringing them in from the margin into relationships with others.

Leadership is about dying into oneself and brining life into others.  Put ourselves second and bring life into others.

Isolation – recognize the possibility in others and bring something out of them.

How aligned is the person I am leading to the vision? “Now that is something to get up for in the morning”.

Speak possibility: as the new way of being.

Rule Number 6 – not taking your needs and desired too seriously. BTW – there are no other rules.

End of the hunting season in human experience. Now we are dependent on intellect, creativity…it is about us.

Environment of A:- you  don’t have to be there yet you just have move into an A environment.

Upward spiral and a downward spiral is the same thing.

The conductor of an orchestra  does not make a sound.  -just gestures and eye movements for leadership – silence.

Martin Luther King did not say this: I have  a dream but I am not sure if the people are ready for it yet.

Great leaders see and make new pathways. Lead from everywhere you stand.

Take care how well you listen. -for the one who has will be given more. The more we listen the more the world will open for us. – Luke

We can never change another person, we can care for them. This gives them space so they can change.

Everyone gets an A – possibility to live into not an expectation.

Don’t tell me what to do – tell me how it could be.

Ubuntu: - the essence of being human. You cannot exist as a human in isolation. You cannot be a human all by yourself. You are known for your generosity.

Developing cultures of encouragement: son of encouragement Barnabas. Encourage is to draw the heart out of each other. He encouraged the great Missionary St Paul.  He recognized a possibility in Paul.  Then they had a falling out when he saw a possibility in Mark.

The more attentive we are to one another we can develop gratitude. Then there is the power of the word thank you.

Encourage:- attentive, gratitude, care and readiness to be surprised.


Live our life awake to awaken others.  We can do this by exercising leadership.