2015 Learning team running metaphor

Learning Team Metaphor


Running metaphor

·       The school year is like a  12 hour 5 km loop ultra marathon – individual and team event.

o   there are individuals  and teams in the race running different distances and paces

o   you all start the race at the beginning of the year catching up, it is all smiles and laughing, asking how your training and preparation is going.

o   the race starts and small groups may run together and now and then some surge ahead and others drop off.  Sometimes you meet up again and other times you see people ahead or behind on each loop. You offer words of encouragement watch in awe the leaders

o   at times you are by yourself working hard, struggling not feeling well, tripping over tree roots. 

o   you put faith in your training and planning in the hard times, you get lifted by support from other runners, spectators and support crew. 

o   At times you might need  to have a sleep on the side of the track, treat a blister, monitor what you eat and drink so you can finish the run

o   There are moments of bliss  watching in  the sunrise, joining a group on the side of the track taking  photos of a python nestled in the branches of a shrub  or seeing  runners pick up the pace for the final hour.

·       Our goal is to work towards an Oxfam team run and start it all again the following year