2008 Twitter thoughts

Hi all,

I have been thinking a bit about Twitter and evaluating its usefulness to me as a teacher.

Firstly,  it is invaluable as a means to come across different ideas.  This is especially the case when people link their twitters to a url or blog post.

Secondly, with certain apps it has this neat function which updates your Facebook status which is another step in meshing (yeh I know mashing I mean) together different Web 2.0 tools I use

Thirdly,  as a social networking tool it works well for people I know.  However, for those I don't know that well it takes a while to see the whole context of their online existence.

Fourthly,  I like the way you can import your address book - though I am not sure those in my address book like it :-)

Fifthly,  all of the above is fun and great for my professional development.

Sixthly,  I need to get twitter behind the firewall for it to be more useful for me in the classroom.   I have now got blogs behind the firewalls.  I am working on a student centred Personal Learning Environment (PLE) which I can see would be really enhanced with some sort of Twitter type application.

cheers  Martin