2008 National Standards - lessons filmed

Hi all,

I am now treating Twitter more like a blog, which I guess it is meant for, where I pull my thoughts together. I had a reason for doing this today. 

I am having a two lessons filmed tomorrow and Wednesday  for  a National Standards Project by some academics from Melbourne University.  Some students and myself will be interviewed  pre and post lessons.  They will put together some clips of my self (and a few other teachers in different states) and show them to a selection to teachers to pull apart our teaching and set benchmarks for standards of teaching to be shared with student teachers.   

People have asked me if I am nervous and the answer is yes and no.  Like marathons that I run, once I start I will be fine and I will adapt as I need to - all the preparation is done.  Also I think it is important to do things like this because if people don't say yes how will others learn.  BTW I have learnt a lot as well going through this process.

So think of me at 2:30 on Tuesday and 10:30am on Wednesday.

cheers  Martin

Anyway I blogged all my thoughts on this in my Twitter account and it helped me.