2017 Local Geography

Hi all,

The local study of Geography is most informative if you get a chance to engage with your local council. I don't know how it fits easily into the AC but sometimes it is cool to just do local geography.

I have been doing this since December 2014 by attending my Hornsby Council meetings and extracting useful Geography from the monthly business papers.  Of late some of the work of the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) is bringing responses from Councils.  

In my case in November  2016 the Draft North District Plan was released by the GSC with an interesting read for me in relation to planning for Hornsby/ Pennant Hills. 

There are three areas of focus:

1. A productive Greater Sydney with more jobs in many centres with access to work within 30


2. A liveable Greater Sydney which places the quality of life considerations at the heart of


3. A sustainable Greater Sydney that exists in the precious landscape and uses the landscapes

environmental integrity as an asset.

I have attached my summary of the North  Draft Plan as it applies to my local area.  In it are links which may be of interest to the full documents.