2015 Sydney Real estate

Another angle on in living in Sydney. First world issues.

The real estate market is really interesting at the moment. It is a different era. I saw last night the list of suburbs with the biggest increase in prices in Sydney.

If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these suburbs there may be a dilemma. The risk is staying too long in a house you know you are going to move out of in the near future that has gone up in price ahead of the other suburbs which are yet to go up in price.

So for a person in that situation it is possible that selling now is the right option because other places you might buy have not gone up (yet) proportionally to your current suburb's recent high increase.

If you wait to sell the proportional advantage you may get might be reduced.

Also I have read more people not in relationships are buying house and units together as a friends/business deal. Also as part of the share economy like ├╝ber air B andB and Go Get, people are buying houses to share.

I suspect some of us in my generation are living in houses we could not afford to buy.

In a different era we need to think differently.