2014 Mindfulness buddhist talk

Buddist Talk - mindfulness

Look for the similarity in life and the people we are with. Make use of the similarities. Didn't look for the differences.
We are similar in body and mind. We are living and breathing.
You cannot understand the purpose of life unless you know life.
When we are happy we effect people and when we are unhappy we effect people.
So what is happening with in us to effect us. So we have mindfulness meditation.
Why do we help people in suffering. There are benefits for all.
There are times when the bad sides come out in us.
If we are mindful we can make out life better. Good and bad comes from the way you think and this comes from the mind.
The mind is not a thing. It is a process. It starts with consciousness. Connected to all the senses.
Mind works all all the time and in conjunction with the body.
Fear is fear. An ear ring dropped in the toilet is an ear ring in the toilet. Will you pick it up.
I get stressed because...... But it comes down to to get stressed because I want to.
If some one shouts at you in another language will you be stressed. In English you would understand what they said and you would be stressed. Hence it is is the mind
When we see something we see but what happens next is important.  What is that. That is a chair I like it. I want to sit on it. I. Want a chair like it. Can I buy it steal it borrow it.
Peel the potatoes. Don't think about how many to go or the different sizes and shapes.