MUSD Implementation & PD Plan

2011-12 :
  • administrators receive training to become comfortable with the CCSS
  • Overview  given to interested teachers ("early adopters")
  • Professional Development Begins with Initial Exploration, Crosswalks, etc.

  •  Instruction delivered K-12 begins to be aligned to CCSS
  • All Teachers Implement the 5 Transition Steps ( Increase in Non Fiction Texts, Expository Writing Across Content Areas, Teach Academic Vocabulary, Ask Open Ended Questions, Infuse Technology     
  • PD Plans:  In conjunction withe the 5 Steps:  K-5 (Math), 6-8 (Technology), 9-12 (CCR & PBL)
  • Interested Teachers will begin to receive training (CCCOE Boot Camps, etc.)

     2013-14 School Year

What does “Teaching Common Core” look like?  What are its essential elements and what do they look like in practice?

What You'll See This Year:

  • Majority of K-12 Instruction is aligned to CCSS
  • More Depth with the 5 Transition Steps
  • Common Core Site Facilitators (CCSFs) build capacity at each site 
  • Report Card Committee Convened
  • Last STAR/CST Administration

2014-15 School Year
  • All K-12 Instruction & Curriculum is aligned to CCSS
  • 1st Official Administration of SBAC Assessments


Audrey Lee,
Aug 20, 2013, 11:34 AM