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Reading for Education is a fundraiser in which families fill out postcards with addresses and return them to school. For each completed postcard, our school receives $0.50.


  • K-3 student returns completed postcard packet- Backpack Buddy
  • 4-5 student returns completed postcard packet - Stereo Earbuds

All students returning 100% completed packets will be entered into a raffle for an inflatable chair.

Our goal this year is to have students return 800 mailable postcards. Postcards that are partially filled out or have incorrect addresses don’t count. The money raised is used for the purchase of new library books!!

At Rodgers Elementary every grade, from Kindergarten to Grade 5, has an assigned library period, where students are greeted and treated weekly to readings from picture and chapter books, to biographies, poetry, folktales, non-fiction and more.

Our students enjoy the weekly pleasure of selecting books to read independently or share with family at home; of honing the skill of browsing and picking; of user responsibility; of getting immersed in stories and/or finding out all about something that fascinates - the magic of discover; of reading; of libraries!

Contact Information:

Mrs. Sue Speed

Media Coordinator