Welcome to the Riverside High School Student Services Website!   

   RHS Student Services Mission Statement:

In the Riverside High School Student Services Department, we believe that each child has a purpose, and with the appropriate support and tools, can fulfill that purpose.  We will provide a positive and nurturing environment for students and will advocate for equity, access, and success for every member of the student body.  By requiring personal responsibility and accountability from the students, we will lead them towards our goal:  to prepare students for college and career, assisting them as they transition into and out of high school.  Using resources such as College and Career Promise, the College Foundation of North Carolina, and work-based learning, we will strive to assure that every student is ready to leave high school and move into the next step of their lives.  We will promote exploration of all options available for a person’s future, no matter the avenue they choose.  We can successfully fulfill this mission by collaborating with local businesses and the Martin County community, post-secondary schools, our administration at the school, district, and state levels, the local school board, parents, teachers, other educational professionals, and most importantly, the students.

Contact Information:

Shannon Stanton
A-L School Counselor
(252) 792-7881 ext. 228

Jamila Kimbrough Riddick
M-Z School Counselor
(252) 792-7881  ext. 223

Susan Johnston
College Adviser
(252) 792-7881 ext. 229 

Missy H. Griffin
Career Development Coordinator
(252) 792-78
81 ext. 309

Student Services Fax:   (252) 792-7991