Welcome to North Carolina in the American Experience!

Course Information

Course: 8th / NC History
Teacher: M.D. Jones
School: South Creek Middle 
Location: Room 1127 

Students are enrolled in Google Classroom. Assignments / announcements are made through that Site.
  • Syllabus
Course Objective:
Students in 8th grade continue to build on the 4th & 5th grade introductions to North Carolina & United States history. The main focus of the course will be the critical events, personalities, issues, & developments in the state & nation from the pre-colonial era to contemporary times. The major focus is local, state, & national history.

The 7 essential standards are:

8.H.1 Apply historical thinking to understand the creation and development of NC and the US.

8.H.2 Understand the ways in which conflict, compromise & negotiation have shaped NC & the US.

8.H.3 Understand the factors that contribute to change & continuity in NC & the US.

8.G.1 Understand the geographic factors that influenced NC & the US.

8.E.1 Understand the economic activities of NC & the US.

8.C&G.1 analyze how democratic ideals shaped government in NC & the US.

8.C.1 Understand how different cultures influenced NC and the US.

Course Topics: 
The NC Essential Standards are organized around five strands: 
  •  History of North Carolina
  • Geography and Environmental Literacy
  • Economics and Financial Literacy
  • Civics and Governance 
  • Culture of North Carolina