welcome to the art room!  My name is Karyn Drum and I teach K-5 art.  I love celebrating children's imagination in many interesting and entertaining ways!  The power of the arts in reaching students from multiple learning styles is AMAZING.  You may want to read more at this  article by the National Endowment for the Arts: https://www.arts.gov/sites/default/files/arts-in-early-childhood-dec2015-rev.pdf

My MFA is from East Carolina and I am a National Board Certified Teacher.   You can check out some of the humor I use by checking out my book, "Broccoli Bob and the Organic Outlaws" at karyndrum.com or on youtube. 

My e-mail is kdrum@martin.k12.nc.us    Phone for Edna Andrews is 252-798-5631  JES is 252-792-8304

Check out the art standards at dpi to follow along what we will be working on this year!