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Teacher NameProject SummaryNETS (National Tech Standards)Project Links
Ms. Singleton (English) While creating an essay students utilized Google Documents to streamline the writing process Communication and Collaboration Ms. Singleton's Web Space 
Ms. Bates (Science) In order to help students own the learning in their study of Earth Science -- students utilize the TI Navigator as a tool to assess student knowledge and provide instant feedback. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Project Web Space 
Ms. Carlson (English) During an non-fiction research based unit of study students created a web-site to display thier findings. Digital Citizenship Informational Web-Sites 
Mr. Rizzo (Music Department) Students in Mr. Rizzo's Music Production class started the WMVHS podcast to share their creativity and raw expressions with the community.  Technology Operations and Concepts WMVHS -- Student Podcasts 
Ms. Erickson Students in the Economics classes created Power Point presentations investigating reasons for the extreme poverty in Haiti that existed even before the recent earthquak Research and Information Fluency Haiti Project Page 
Ms. Sukher Each student created a slideshow about factoring. The students described what factoring method they used for every problem. They had to explain why they used a specific factoring method. Students used Slideshare to create their presentations, and posted their final projects on the class blog.  Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Math Learning Community Blog 
Ms. Karas Through online databases, blogs, library catalogs and Web 2.0 tools (Animoto, Wordle, Twitter & Skype) the library media specialist uses the web as a tool to: foster a love of literacy, teach and communicate with students on how to become independent thinkers and learners and use information in a responsible manner. Research and Information Fluency Library Media Center 
Ms. DeWinter Students explored a variety of resources online connected to the recent Oil Spill and environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Through their critical examination students developed a collection of web pages about the pending disaster and their solutions to benefit both humanity and the environment. Research and Information Fluency Oil Spill Websites 
Mr. Ashton This presentation will focus on exploring the growth of the Marta Valle Wiki and Google group with an emphasis on showcasing multi-year planning and the use of collaborative web spaces for teachers and administrators. Communication and Collaboration MVHS Wiki 
Mr. Santagato During thier unit of study on African Cutlure, studends woked collaboratively on an online art analysis project. Students were directed to analyze African artifacts to gain an understanding of various African cultures. Students posted their findings on our class blog page  Creativity and Innovation Global Discussions Blog 
Ms. Paletti Students worked collaboratively to prepare a blog site that synthesizes their research of a particular global industry (e.g. oil, coffee, tobacco, drugs, textile, cocoa, cattle/beef, etc.) and its effects on the region's indigenous people.  Communication and Collaboration Digital Mentor Web Space 
Mr. Dougherty Enhancing Student Creativity Through Video Production: Throughout the year students have been developing full-scale video production pieces ranging from animations to music videos to digital documentaries. Creativity and Innovation Media Arts Department 
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