The Musk Observatory

MDRS Astronomy Team

Peter Detterline
Astronomy Lead

Gary Becker
Astrophotography / Education

Randall Dunning
Maintenance / Astronomy Support

Dave Fisherowski
Research and Development

Haritina Mogosanu
Astronomy Public Outreach

Barak Stoltz
Training / Website

Thomas Wilson
Research Proposals

The Musk Mars Desert Research Observatory is equipped with a Celestron 14-inch CGE1400 telescope generously donated to the Mars Society by the Celestron corporation. Other sponsors include: Le Sueur Manufacturing Inc. which provided the Astro-Pier on which the telescope is mounted, Software Bisque which provided The Sky software, Vince Lanzetta of East Coast Observatories who provided a Sirius Dome at a severely discounted price, Adirondack Video Astronomy which provided the STV Deluxe and ST2000XM CCD Cameras at a discount, High Point Scientific which provided the focal reducer and powermate at a discount, Technical Innovations which provided the Robofocus at a discount, and the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Association, which provided the critical expertise to make the obser
vatory a success.

Meet the MDRS Astronomy Team

See our Musk Observatory Astrophotos

Instructions to access the Astronomy website (open to all for registration):

To use the observatory during a crew mission, the astronomer first needs to complete the necessary training on the Musk Observatory website.  This website also includes the latest crew reports, maintenance logs, status reports, and manuals.  Follow this procedure to access the site.

  1. Go to

  2. Click on LOGIN (upper right corner).

  3. Click on NEW ACCOUNT under “Is This Your First Time Here?”

  4. Fill out the registration details and click CREATE MY NEW ACCOUNT

  5. Instructions are sent to your email address.  Open your email and click on the website to confirm the account.

  6. Your registration has been confirmed.  Click COURSE


  8. Click on MDRS in the upper left

  9. You will be asked for an enrollment key.  Type in “antares”.

  10.  You now have access to the website.

Please contact Peter Detterline if you have any questions. 

I wish you clear skies on Mars!

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