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Crew 119 - Phoenix One


John Reynolds was born in Seattle, Washington, and has lived within numerous cities in the US
and Japan. After graduating from Washington State University with a BA in Education, he worked
in Isfahan, Iran training Iranian army helicopter pilots during the last days of the Shah’s regime in
the late 1970’s. From there he began a career as a professional airline pilot and flew with various
international airlines in Africa, the Middle East, Germany, Belgium and for the longest period in
the UK. All long-haul operations were working in various environments with international and local
crews of varying degrees. His spare time is spent doing DIY, fixing and refurbishing various rental
properties as a business, reading, and doing FOREX as a day trader. When not busy with work, he
likes to travel, visiting family and friends and being involved with The Mars Society. The short story.


Since graduating with a BS in Physics, Paula has been a research and development scientist working
in remote sensing sensor calibration and data analysis. Additionally, in February through October of
2007 she was a Research Associate at McMurdo Station, Antarctica launching a series of ozonesondes
to collect data on the ozone hole as it forms throughout the winter. While there she was delighted to
observe how different living with a small, isolated group in an extreme environment was, socially and
psychologically. Her experience in Antarctica inspired a return to school and she is now pursing an MS
in Space Studies at University of North Dakota to study both human factors of space exploration and
remote sensing of the cryosphere.

Paula spends most of her free time outdoors year-round. She competes in orienteering races and sprint
triathlons, snorkels New England’s coastline, and hikes or snowshoes the many trails of New England’s
interior. She is a certified Wilderness First Responder.


Habib Palenfo is a Senior Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering undergrad at Colorado State
University. He was born in Ivory Coast. Early in his youth, he left his native home and attended
boarding school in France. He then studied Computer Science upon graduating from high school
with a Scientific Baccalaureate. While on the path of studying engineering, he has participated
in several engineering projects; from NASA Robot Challenge to Medical Design Software. He
is also completing a minor in Math and Business Administration, with hopes of one day opening
his own Aerospace or Engineering Consulting Company. Finally, his main goal is being an
Astronaut and one day goes to space. In his free time, Habib spends his time flying airplane and
pursuing his Private Pilot License.

Hoping to be the first West African Astronaut, he spends the rest of his time training on a
simulator he built himself in his home. He is really excited to be a part of MDRS 119 crew,
which might seem like a small step to some but is a giant step for him.


Lisa Stewart is a PhD candidate at The Australian National University where her research
interests include exploring how social context and uncertainty influence decision-making,
developing computational models of human cognition, and advancing web-based experimental


Dan Wilcox is an artist, engineer, performer, and musician who combines live musical performance techniques with experimental electronics and software for exploration into themes of science fiction,  space travel, cyborgification, and far futurism.

An engineering background tempered by a punk rock craving for raw energy of expression, risk, and humor leads to work that is robustly made yet spontaneously executed: a technological caveman beating a drum with an iPad to a musical cyborg thrashing in a spaghetti of purposefully connected cables.

Dan is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon and his thesis project is a live audio-visual journey to Mars covering contemporary plans and technology, physical realities, and the overarching larger themes of mankind in space. The aim is to both educate and excite in ways beyond the typical venues for "edutainment".

He hails from the Rocket City, Huntsville AL USA.

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