The Mission Support group plays a key role in supporting each year's expedition. This group of dedicated volunteers, typically headquartered in Colorado, serve as an interface between the crew and the outside world, much in the way a future group on Earth will support a real crew on Mars. Mission Support relays messages between the crew, member of the media, and scientists and researchers throughout the world. They receive daily reports on the crew's progress and assist the crew in troubleshooting systems as needed throughout the course of the expedition.

In addition to the usual Colorado contingent (comprised of individuals from the Rocky Mountain Mars Society Chapter & Pioneer Astronautics), a group of students from the Florida non-profit Earthrise Space, Inc. are expected to comprise a significant part of the next FMARS Mission Support team. They will perform this function under a funding grant from the Florida Space Grant Consortium.

The Mars Society would like to recognize the following volunteers who have already begun to support the next FMARS program as members of Mission Support:
  • Brian Enke
  • Kristine Ferrone
  • Jason Held
  • Mike Lotto
  • Tony Muscatello
  • Brian Shiro
  • Matt Thyer
  • Eric Travis