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8/22/16 Email:

Please take the time to read through this entire email.  As always, let me know if you have any questions.  At the very bottom if this message is the latest edition of Single Track Times.  It contains important information about the first race.  Please make sure all riders take the time to read the rules for passing and for mechanical issues during the race.


Race week is here! Are you on the fence about racing? Keep in mind that this is the easiest course in terms of terrain and hills.  It is a great introduction to racing.  If you want to race, register TODAY through PitZone before the registration window closes and you have to pay a late fee.



Kids that are registered and Race Ready for Minooka (as of 11:00 8/22)

If you do not see your name listed below and you want to race this weekend, REGISTER NOW!!!

  • Adam
  • Ben
  • Clinton
  • Hoyt
  • Jacob
  • Julianna
  • Lauren
  • Matt
  • Nolan

What to bring to the race. It was decided at our first meeting at the School Forest that each family will be responsible for bringing the required food and drink for their family.  Remember that the racers will be expending a lot of energy, so plan to pack plenty of healthy options.  For the racers, the team will supply Clif Blocks and Clif Energy Shots.  In addition to food and drink, make sure to pack camping chairs to sit on while hanging out with the team.  Dress in layers, and bring a camera.  Racers, bring a change of clothes to put on after you are done racing.


Volunteers for feed zone are needed.  We will need two volunteers who are willing to stand in the Feed Zone during the boys highs school race and one volunteer for the girls high school race.  Feed Zone volunteers will hand off water and possibly energy shots to the riders as they pass by the Feed Zone.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Feed Zone, please respond to this message and let me know if you want to work the girls or boys race (or both).  We’d like the Feed Zone volunteers to either attend practice on Thursday this week or be at the pre-ride on Saturday so they can practice handoffs with the individual riders. 


Pre-Ride Time.  Please plan on being at Minooka Park and in the check in line at 1:00 on Saturday.  All racers will need to go to check in and receive their race plates.  Also, parents who are fully registered as General Volunteers in PitZone will also need to check in to receive their “Coach” plate.  Once you receive your plate, you will need to attach it to your handlebars with zip ties.  No one will be allowed on the pre-ride or race course without a plate.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR RACE PLATE!!!  After the race, remove the plate from your bike and place it in a safe place.  You will need to reattach it to your bike before each pre-ride/race.  There will probably be a rather long line at check in, but once everyone has gotten their plate, we will begin our pre-ride. 


Apparel Order.  I am working with TEAM Sporting Goods to come up with apparel items to order.  This year, they will create an online store where each family can go and place their order.  I hope to have the specific items and prices determined within the next week. I am planning to include a variety of cotton and performance clothing, including short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies. If you have any specific item you want me to make sure I include as an option, let me know.

Single Track Times 8/21/2016

In this edition

1. Online registration closes Tuesday at midnight

2. What to expect in a High School Race

3. Passing/Being passed

4. Mechanical during a race

5. Individual Racing Rules

6. Race #3 Hayward - Venue Change from last year.

Let's Make This Happen!

The day is almost here! Let the fun, racing and camaraderie begin. Most importantly, let's make it a great experience for everyone involved. I can't wait to see everyone out at Minooka Park next weekend.

Below please find a few reminders pertaining to registration, mechanical issues during a race, safe passing and scoring rules.

See you soon,

Don and Kathy

Registration Update - 1 Week To First Race!

Online Registration Closes Tuesday at Midnight

Online registration will close Tuesday night at 12:00 AM. On-site registration will be available Saturday from 1:00 - 5:00 PM and Sunday from 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM, $15 late fee applies for each fee (league fee and race entry fee).

Avoid long lines and late fees and make sure you complete your registration before the Pit Zone closes.

What To Expect At An Interscholastic Mountain Bike Race?

The day is finally here! Let the excitement grow!

But wait, what should you expect? Whether you are student athlete, a parent that has been fueling and carpooling that student, a coach, a spectator, a volunteer or more, you will find this summary helpful. Enjoy the read, and we look forward to seeing you at that first race! Read more in the Race guide

Please also review the race flyer and course map to become familiar with the details for each venue. It's up to each person to know, understand and follow the rules of the venue. Violations could lead to individual and/or team penalties. Race specifics can be found Race Flyer #1 Minooka Park

Passing/Being Passed

It is going to be an awesome season! Here are just a couple reminders:


Passer - identify yourself as not in their category and ask politely to pass. Remember to thank and encourage the rider you are passing. 

Rider being Passed - if you are being passed by someone who identifies themselves as not in your field, you don't need to stop, but move over to and let them know "I'm moving right" or "I'm moving left". It's just good sportsmanship to let a rider not in your field pass.


It's never ok to intentionally block, hit, elbow, shove, lean, or prevent the rider behind you from passing - no matter what category. See NICA Rule 6.18 below.



When overtaking a rider on the racecourse, the passing rider is 

encouraged to do so respectfully and must: 

• Pass only when safe to do so and without rider contact; 

• Call out “On your left” or “On your right” or use other similar language to indicate whether the pass will be on the other rider’s left or right side. 

Passing in a manner that compromises the safety of other riders will not be tolerated. 



Racers riding bicycles have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles. When practical, racers pushing shall stay on the least rideable portion of the trail when being passed. A racer pushing or 

carrying his/her bicycle can overtake a racer riding their bicycle provided they do not interfere with the student-athlete's progress 



Lapped riders must yield to overtaking student-athletes. Lapped riders being passed must move over as quickly, efficiently and as safely as 



In the event two student-athletes are vying for position, the leading student-athlete does not have to yield his/her position to the challenging student-athlete. However, a student-athlete may not 

bodily interfere with the intent to impede another student-athlete's progress. Traditional rules of racing apply: the leading student-athlete owns the trail.

Mechanical During a Race


One of the more common questions asked, or pondered, is what happens when a rider has a mechanical during the race. The question really becomes, what does the rider do or what is he/she allowed to do to fix the mechanical. Here are the rules as outlined in the NICA Rulebook:


Flat tires and mechanical problems should be repaired by the racer, and the racer must carry 

their own tools, tubes, etc. If outside assistance, parts or tools, are required, a five-minute penalty will be 

assessed. The student- athlete must report an occurrence of outside assistance before the end of the protest period that precedes the award 

ceremony. The student-athlete must report to a Scoring Official, Course Marshal or other Race Official. If a student-athlete does not self-report the penalty may be doubled.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's important that student athletes understand that they can ask for assistance in order to stay in the race, but that they must self report to a race official in order to receive the time penalty. No racer should leave the race due to a mechanical issue for fear that requesting outside assistance is not allowed.


In the case of a broken bicycle, or a dropped chain, student-athletes must clear the trail for other competitors.


Racers shall complete the entire race on the same bicycle upon which the race was begun. A 10-minute penalty applies for switching bicycles.


It's important for the student-athletes to know these rules and to adhere to them. Additionally, all riders should practice changing flats and using their tools regularly as it is the responsibility of the rider to fix his/her flat on the trail or push the bike to the pit for other issues. This will eliminate potential problems with the rules and will make for a better, and and hopefully longer, race experience.

To make sure you or your student-athlete is fully aware of the rules you can view the NICA rulebook by clicking (here).

Individual Racing Rules

Individual racing rules impact student-athletes off and on the course. These rules cover participation ages, registration requirements, and race day etiquette. Below are some highlighted rules as outlined in the NICA Rulebook:


In the event two student-athletes are vying for position, the leading student-athlete does not have to yield his/her position to the challenging student-athlete. However, a student-athlete may not 

bodily interfere with the intent to impede another student-athlete's progress. Traditional rules of racing apply: the leading student-athlete owns the trail.

Race #3, Sun. Sept 25

Hayward, WI - Venue Change from last year

Last year this race was at Double OO. Because of rain and scheduled trail work, we are switching the venue to Hatchery Creek Trailhead.

Hatchery Creek is 2 miles east o Hayward on Fish Hatchery Road. There will be onsite rough camping available.

Race Flyer coming soon.

6/22/16 - Email:
Thank you for a fun night last night!
I have attached the outline we went over at last night’s meeting.  Below is the specific information I mentioned I would add.  It is long (sorry).  Please take a look, and let me know if you have questions or if I forgot to include any information I talked about last night.
Website:  The team website can be found here: https://sites.google.com/a/marshfield.k12.wi.us/marshfield-mountain-bike-club/
Emergency Contact Form:  Please go to the following link and complete the emergency contact information for your rider.  The last question asks if you would be OK with sharing the emergency contact information with the other families.  Our goal is to print out small cards with the emergency contact information for each coach and parent ride volunteer to carry during practice.  We will also distribute the list electronically to all families so that parents can contact each other.  http://goo.gl/forms/YvVDhfr3Quv6TGEC3
Pertinent Health Information:  If you were not able to attend the meeting last night, or if you didn’t turn in a card indicating whether your rider has and pertinent health information that will impact their riding, please contact Brent Benson.
Activities Handbook:  Attached is a copy of the Marshfield Activities Handbook.  Parents and riders, please take the time to read the entire handbook.  Then please print out the last page and bring the signed form to practice by July 7.
Practices: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, ready to ride at 5:30.  June 28, June 30 and July 7 practices will ALL be held at Washington School.  Check out the practice calendar on the team webpage to see locations for each practice (https://sites.google.com/a/marshfield.k12.wi.us/marshfield-mountain-bike-club/calendar).  Remind messages about times and location of practice will be sent out in advance of practice. You will have the ability to choose whether you will attend, maybe attend, or not attend the activity after receiving the Remind message.  Please select your attendance option for each practice.  Then coaches will know which riders and parents to expect at each practice.  If something comes up, please send a text message (not an email), either through the Remind system or app, or directly to Rachel Krentz.  Parents, if you know that you will be able to help with practices on certain dates, let Rachel know and she will add your name to the calendar.  Parents are always welcome, but it will help us coaches plan practices if we know ahead a time if parents will be able to help out. 
Remind Notifications:  If you have not already signed up for the Remind system, the join instructions are attached.  We strongly recommend downloading the Remind app for your smartphone (if possible).  All parents and riders are encouraged to join the Remind group.  You can register with a phone number (for text alerts) or email (for email alerts).  A second Remind group only for parents has been set up.  All parents who are currently registered for Remind have been made administrators of the parent group.  This group can be used to send messages to and between parents to help coordinate carpooling.  Questions about the Remind app can be directed to Rachel Krentz.
Rhinelander Camp:  The dates are August 7-13 the cost is $200 per person, this includes all meals, in a dining hall, except Tuesday night. Checks can be made payable to USDOM, please bring a check to practice by July 7.   We will be tent camping, however there are limited indoor sleeping spaces, 4 for girls, and 4 for boys, first come first serve.  We are planning on riding, and working on skills every morning. For the afternoon we will either do fun things at the camp, I.e. zip line, canoeing, high and low cope course, swimming, camp stuff or we will take field trips. Rachel Krentz and Brent Benson are both going, we welcome other adults to join us.  You just need to register as a general volunteer through PitZone, and have your background check done, and it is the same cost for parents. For the parents, there is a regular campground just across the street, for those that do not want to tent camp. Questions about the camp should be directed to Brent Benson.
Early Practice in July:  If you are interested in attending possible early Tuesday (3:00) practices in July, email Brent Benson.
Last Call for Jerseys:  The jersey and shorts order will be finalized on Thursday (tomorrow).  If any parents would like to order items, let Rachel Krentz know ASAP.
We’re looking forward to a fun season! 

5/16/16 - Email:

Summer is almost here!  That means we need to start thinking about the details of the upcoming mountain bike season.  
PitZone Registration
In order to practice with the team, every athlete and adult needs to be fully registered on PitZone, this includes paying for the NICA and Wisconsin League fees.  Please get this registration taken care of by Friday, May 27.  The coaches cannot develop the practice schedule until we know exactly how many participants we will have this year.  If you are having troubles with PitZone, please let me know.  At this point, you do NOT need to register for races.  Registration for each race closes the week before the actual race date.

Club Fee and Jerseys
Jerseys need to be ordered mid-June in order to ensure we have them for our first race in August.  We need your club fee before we can order a jersey for you.  If paying the full $200 fee by June 1 is not possible, let me know, and we can set up a payment plan.  Jerseys and shorts can be purchased for friends and family.  Jerseys are $65 and shorts are $80.  Checks should be made out to USDOM and can be turned in to one of the coaches, or mailed to:
    Marshfield Middle School
    Attn: Rachel Krentz
    900 East 4th St
    Marshfield, WI 54449

Kickoff Picnic
Save the date for our season kickoff picnic on Tuesday, June 21 at the Marshfield School Forest.  This will be a time where we will share our expectations and goals for the season.  It is also a great time for the families of the riders to get together and meet.  Food will be ready at 6:00, and a mandatory parent meeting will begin at 7:00.  If a parent is unable to attend, you must let one of the coaches know.  We will then need to schedule a conversation that does work with your schedule.  More details on the meal (including pot luck items) and meeting agenda will be sent later in June.

Practice Schedule
As mentioned above, we cannot develop our practice schedule until we know how many team members we have.  We hope to have our practice calendar worked out by mid-June.  It will be posted on the team website (https://sites.google.com/a/marshfield.k12.wi.us/marshfield-mountain-bike-club/) and shared at our kickoff picnic.  For now, pencil in Tuesday, June 28 for our first practice.  Time and meeting place will be determined later.

Don’t forget to sign up to receive team alerts from Remind.  To sign up for text alerts, message number 81010 with the message @rkre.  Then follow the instructions sent back to you.  If you prefer to receive email alerts, send a blank email to rkre@mail.remind.com.  The subject line and body of the email can be left empty.  We will be using the Remind service to send out short messages which will refer you to look at either the website or check your email for more information.  

If you have any questions about the information in this email, or the club in general, let me know.  We’re looking forward to another great season of riding!

4/20/16 - Email:

Wow!  We had ten new members come to our informational meetings over the past two days.  In addition, Coach Benson and I know of at least four others who are interested in joining us this year.

I went through the prospective member paperwork, and attempted to add everyone to this email list.  If you family has an additional email or an alternate email you would like me to add, please let me know.

School Forest Trail Building and Food

This weekend, we will be working on building trails at the School Forest.  A precious email of mine said we would start at 9:00.  That is INCORRECT, we will in fact be starting around 8:00 on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Come for all or part of the day.  We’d appreciate as many helping hands as possible.  There is a lot of excitement in the general public about the possibilities of trail at the School Forest, and there are multiple volunteers not directly associated with the club that will be there to help us.  We could have 30+ people show up this weekend, and we should try to coordinate some lunch food and snacks for the volunteers.  The coaches last night discussed making sloppy joes for Saturday lunch.  Would some of you be willing to help bring some food?  I have created a Google document where you can add the item(s) your family will bring.  Please let me know if you have trouble accessing the document. 


New Website

I have been working on a website for the team.  It is still a work in progress, but it is a place where you can access race information, practice schedules (one they have been decided), and look at NICA and Wisconsin League documents.  If you notice any broken links, or can think of anything I should add to the site, let me know.  Here is the shortened link to the site: http://bit.ly/MMTBClub


We will be using the Remind service (formerly known as Remind101).  To sign up for text alerts, message number 81010 with the message @rkre.  Then follow the instructions sent back to you.  If you prefer to receive email alerts, send a blank email to rkre@mail.remind.com.  The subject line and body of the email can be left empty.  We will be using the Remind service to send out short messages which will refer you to look at either the website or check your email for more information.  I will be sending out a test message through Remind sometime tomorrow.

PitZone Registration

I have attempted to set up PitZone accounts for all potential riders.  Please check the email address(es) you included on your sign up form for a message on how to set up your account.  PitZone is where you will pay for your League and NICA registration fees, as well as sign up for any races.  PitZone was giving me some issues this morning when I attempted to sign up the parents as Ride Leaders for the families who gave me the same email address for both the student athlete and parent “Coach.” I will try again later this afternoon to see if it is just a temporary technical problem.  It is possible that the system will not allow the same email address to be used for both students and coaches.  If this is the case, I will let those of you that are affected know.

Club Fees

If you know for sure that you are going to join, you may turn in your $200 club fee ($280 if you want to order matching shorts) at any time to any of the coaching staff.  Checks should be made out to USDOM. 

Jersey and Shorts

I will be needing to send back the samples of jerseys and shorts sometime next week.  If you have not had a chance to try them on, please contact me to coordinate a time.  Some people have been surprised at the sizes they actually need to order, so it is important to make sure you actually try them on.  I have found that they tend to run a smaller than standard cycling clothing.  Also, if any parents are interested in ordering a jersey, they are $65, shorts are $80.  Jerseys are included for athletes within the Club Fee.  The matching shorts are optional.


This site is currently being developed.  If you have questions about the club, contact Coach Rachel Krentz.

The Marshfield Mountain Bike Club is a member of the Wisconsin High School Cycling League and is affiliated with NICA, National Interscholastic Cycling Association.

Upcoming Events:

Informational Meetings: 

May 9, 3:00 @ MHS

May 9, 7:00 @MMS 

May 10, 3:00 @ MMS

May 10, 5:50 @ MMS

Mandatory Parent Meeting: 

  • Tuesday, May 23 at Marshfield School Forest

First practice: 

  • Tuesday, June 27 at Washington School

Riding Camp in Rhinelander:  

  • Sunday, August 6 – Saturday August 12

Minooka Race Pre-Ride: 

  • Saturday, September 9

Minooka Race: 

  • Sunday, September 10

Nordic Mountain Race Pre-Ride: 

  • Saturday, September 16

Nordic Mountain Race: 

  • Sunday, September 17

Trek Trails Race Pre-Ride: 

  • Saturday, September 30

Trek Trails Race: 

  • Sunday, October 1

Hayward Race Pre-Ride: 

  • Saturday, October 7

Hayward Race: 

  • Sunday, October 8

Cascade Mountain Race Pre-Ride: 

  • Saturday, October 21

Cascade Mountain Race: 

  • Sunday, October 22

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