Mars Area Band Boosters Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Donations to our organization may be tax deductible.  Please consider making a charitable donation to MABB Inc now.  You will receive a form at the beginning of the new year that describes your donation for tax purposes.

Donations help fund the Mars High School Band program. As you can see by the list of Championships at the top of this page, our Marching band has a longstanding tradition of excellence. Your donation will help to continue this tradition by allowing us to purchase/repair equipment, keep the Band truck running, and to fund specialized instructors that help our young musicians grow into the musicians and leaders of tomorrow.

Note that donations made with a credit card incur an approximate 3% fee. >>  ie we will receive $97 of your $100 donation.

If you prefer sending a check instead of using a credit card, do the following:
  • Make the check payable to: Mars Area Band Boosters Inc
  • Write "donation" in the memo area of the check
  • Send the check to:
Mars Area Band Boosters Inc
PO Box 1061
Mars PA 16046

  • If you would like a receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
To arrange a monthly/recurring direct deposit donation or to transfer a growth asset such as a stock or bond, please contact a Board member by sending email to or by sending a letter to:

Mars Area Band Boosters Inc
Board of Directors
PO Box 1061
Mars PA 16046

Include a description of the donation in your letter.

All monetary donations are deposited into the Booster's general fund.  Donations cannot be earmarked for a specific student.  Donations can, however, be earmarked for specific projects or purposes that fall within the purpose and scope of our organization and have the effect of helping the entire group.  Examples would be "$1000.00 for the repair and upkeep of the Band truck" or $1000.00 to purchase items for the XYZ fund raiser".

Non-monetary Donations
Do you have old, unwanted, or unneeded stuff lying around? Non-monetary donations may also be deductible as allowed by IRS tax law.  If you have items that you no longer need, please consider donating them to Mars Area Band Boosters Inc.  You will get rid of stuff you no longer need and we will turn those items into cash to help fund our organization.

Matching Funds
Would you like to amplify your donation?  Many companies make matching funds available for donations that are made to nonprofits. Contact your Human Resources Department prior to making your donation. They may match 50% or 100% of your donation. One hundred dollars becomes $150 or $200. This is a great way to make your donation have a greater impact.

Some companies do not offer a direct matching contribution, but do so in other ways.  For example, if you regularly donate to United Way, your company may offer a matching donation to another nonprofit.  If your company does this, you will help United Way and the Band Boosters with a single donation.  Contact your Human Resources department to see if your donation might be eligible for matching funds and to receive instructions on the procedures prior to donating.  If your company needs additional information from us, have them send an email to with their request.  Some of the information that might be needed by them can be found on our corporate web site so please check there before sending your request.

Is My Donation Deductible?
Here are a few links to IRS help pages that should answer any questions that you might have.  If you are in doubt regarding the deductibility of your donation, please consult your tax professional.  Nothing shown on this page should be construed as tax advice.

Everything Else
Send email to if you have something to donate or have any questions that remain unanswered.