The District has recently made changes to their volunteer policy.  Please visit: to see all the new requirements; there are many!  If you have any questions please contact the Administration Center with questions.  Each volunteer is now required to complete a new packet each year and submit copies of clearances; if you did this last year, you need to do it again.

Clearance Information:

Click here for information on the Mars Area School District's Sex Offender drivers License Scanners and how these scanners relate to the Mars Band booster clearance requirements.

All chaperones must have their driver's license scanned on a yearly basis by the Mars Area School District administration office prior to volunteering for chaperone duty.  This should be done at least 1 week prior to an event that requires chaperones.  The scan process is quick, but the Band Director and High School Principal must be notified by the Administration Office that you have been cleared. This notification process may take quite a while.  If the Band Director has not been notified that you have been cleared, you cannot be considered cleared and therefore are not permitted to chaperone.

If you are planning on chaperoning an overnight trip,..

The following correspondence pertains to the new Act 153 (Child Protective Services Law - CPSL).

Act 153 amends and expands on the existing Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) and includes provisions creating clearance requirements for unpaid volunteers in schools, as well as requiring updated clearances every 36 months for school employees and volunteers.  The following highlights the new state requirements applicable to school districts and its volunteers and employees: 

There are three (3) required clearances as follows

Act 34 – criminal

Act 151 – child abuse

Act 114 – FBI – fingerprinting 

(More information on obtaining these clearances will follow at the end)

For All Volunteers

All three (3) clearances are now required for all volunteers. The only exception to the volunteer clearance requirement with respect to Act 114, applies if the volunteer applicant has been a Pennsylvania resident for ten (10) years prior to application, and swears by written affirmation that he or she is not disqualified due to a conviction for any crime listed in the CPSL (which is attached).  If this is the case, and the volunteer swears and affirms in writing to the above, then the volunteer will not need Act 114 -fingerprinting, but will still need the other two clearances (Act 34 and Act 151). 

You will need all 3 clearances unless, as stated above, you can swear by written affirmation that you have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 years and you have no reportable offenses that would disqualify you from volunteering. Then you will only need to submit Act 34 and Act 151 clearances.  Volunteers will need to keep their clearances updated every 36 months to continue to volunteer.  The 36 month anniversary will be determined by the clearance which has the oldest date.  You should keep track of your 36-month anniversary due date.

Following is information on the three clearances which you may find helpful.  Cost involved will be your responsibility.    

Act 34 – Criminal:

You can either apply directly online or obtain the application form online at If not applying directly online, the form can still be obtained online under the “help tab”, then “SP4-164 form”.  1-888-783-7972 ($10)  (A copy of the current application is also on our website)

 Act 151 – Child Abuse:

Applications can be found online at – Form #CY113. You can obtain the form online at website mentioned above, then under “find a form” – 113.  1-877-371-5422 ($10) (A copy of the current application is also on our website)

 Act 114 – FBI Fingerprinting:

Instructions can be found at  Also, you can either register online at that same website - or by calling 1-888-439-2486. ($28.75)

The Act 114 (FBI) Clearance is a multiple step process. 

It first requires you to register with Cogent Systems – as mentioned, either online at or by phone (1-888-439-2486).   When registering, make sure you choose the Dept. of Education – PDE option.  Also, make sure you check that you give permission for the School District to obtain your results. 

Cogent will then assign a Registration ID Number to you that will begin with the letters “PAE.”  This ID # is important and you should keep track of this number as you will need this when you go to the fingerprinting site and also to provide the number to the School District. 

Fingerprinting sites can be found on the Cogent website mentioned above, along with instructions.

Please submit all clearances to the administration office, give a copy to Mr. Rodgers, and you should keep a copy of your clearances sent to you from the agencies for your records so that you can keep track of your 36-month anniversary due date.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to these new state laws.

Also, please download and review the "Chaperone Guidelines" document located on the Forms/Documents page.  This document provides helpful information, guidelines, rules, and requirements for becoming a chaperone and performing chaperone duties.