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Community Alert

Traffic Patterns and Road Closures.  The safety of our participants and volunteers is our top priority.  To facilitate a safe race environment, Adams Township Police, Middlesex Township Police, and Fire Police will be managing traffic flow during the event. They ask that you avoid driving on the 5K and 10K course during the race. (Click for a race course map).

Some notable road events affecting traffic flow are as follows:

  • 3 Degree Road between 228 and Denny Rd will be closed at the start of the race.
  • 3 Degree Road will then be switched to alternating traffic for the remainder of the race, with vehicles traveling on the west lane and runners designated in the right lane.
  • Denny Road west of State Rd, State Road from Denny to Ridge and Ridge Road from State to Butler Street Extension will be closed to traffic during the 10K race (9am to 10am).
  • Morning Grove Lane, Butler Street Extension, and Hays will also be closed during portions of both races to allow runners to pass safely.

We appreciate your patience and encourage all area residents to adjust your drive times to leave early prior to the start of the race.  We would prefer to have roads used only in the event of an emergency.

All race participants are being instructed to stay on the RIGHT SIDE of the road, moving with the flow of traffic.  If travel is necessary, please travel in the opposite direction of the runners flow.

Click the map to enlarge and/or print:


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May 12, 2013, 5:00 PM