Get Involved

Once you have the logistics of your event finalized, please click here to add it to our schedule

Please contact us here if you have any questions or would like help with planning.

How to Get Involved With a #LoveAction Already Planned

  • Reach out to the contact of the #LoveAction you want to get involved in to see how you can help.
  • Plan to attend a #LoveAction.  You can work with the contact person to be a participant or a supporter.

How to Create Your Own #LoveAction

  • If a #LoveAction is already planned for your community, reach out to the contact to see how you can help with planning the event.
  • If you live in a state with marriage equality, consider alternative events such as:
    • Hand out Valentine's Day cards at train / subway stations that explain why our fight is not over.
    • Hold a celebration at the County Clerks office.
  • If your community does not currently have a #LoveAction planned, feel free to plan your own!
    • Reach out to others to support you in planning
    • Work with a local clerk's office in planning the #LoveAction. Let them know what you are planning and see how you can work together. Remember - many clerk's personally support our cause!
    • Recruit unmarried same-sex couples that would be willing to request (and be denied) marriage licenses.
    • Recruit supporters who will attend the event to support the couples requesting licenses.
    • Reach out to the media to let them know about the event - their coverage is critical for getting the message out about the love and commitment our families have for each other!
    • Be creative!!
      • Some events have had faith leaders attend and bless couples and song groups to sing
      • Some events have had wedding cake for attendees
      • Congratulate heterosexual couples picking up licenses, hand them a rose or a candy heart and explain that you want to be able to join them in marrying