Marlboro Recreation Basketball

Sample 1 hour Practice Plan*


Warmups and dribbling drills--10 Minutes

Laps around the whole gym (just a few)

Dribbling drills  (1/2 court up and back up and back) 3 lines of 3
Right hand dribble
Left hand dribble
Right hand change of pace
Left hand change of pace
Cross over move
Reverse dribble
Fake reverse dribble/crossover
Around the back dribble
Through the legs dribble

Layup/shooting drills—10-15 minutes

Right side (make sure player uses right hand and jumps off of left foot) 5x

Left side (player shoots with left hand and jumps off right foot) 5x

Jump shooting:  3 groups of 3 with 1 ball on each basket. One player
shoots while the other two rebound. 3 shots and then rotate. Player
shooting must move to a different spot on the floor for each shot.
Rebounders must hustle make a good pass to the shooter.  

Shooter must have hands and feet set and ready to catch and shoot. 3-5x per player

Offensive scrimmage / inbounds plays—10-15 minutes

Set up defenders in a 4 man shell  (see illustration A)

Offensive players set in 1-3-1 zone offense (see illustration A)

Have offensive players pass the ball around the zone quickly to exploit openings in the zone.

Key to playing against a zone is to move the ball quicker than the zone can react

High post player crucial against 2-3 zone.  Post player should look “opposite” after receiving entry pass

Baseline player should run back and forth so that they are ball or strong side

Encourage players attack the zone by driving and then dishing to open shooter.

Shooters should be ready to catch and shoot (reinforce from shooting drills)

Basic under basket inbounds play (can use anywhere on the court) see illustration “B”


Defensive scrimmage/drills10-15 Minutes

Set up defenders in a 4 man shell.

Offensive players set in 1-3-1 zone offense

Guards on top of zone defend foul line extended and above.

Look for double team opportunities when ball goes into the corner

Defensive players must slide their feet and work hard as ball moves around the zone.

Zone must react as a unit.  As ball moves to one side of the floor everyone must slide towards ball side.

Zone must STOP dribble penetration by tightening as offensive players begins to drive

After shot is taken EVERYONE must find a body and BOX OUT to avoid offensive rebounds.


Lane Drills (players slide back and forth inside key as many times as possible in 1 minute) 3-4x

Make sure players bend their knees and slide, slide, slide

½ court suicide sprints (sprint foul line and back, ½ court and back)


Foul shots---5 Mins


Additional drills/areas of focus

Passing (chest, bounce, reach bounce)

2v1, 3v2 fast break drills

Rebounding and boxing out (70% of rebounds come off the rim opposite the side shot is taken)

1-3-1 trap/press

Press break


*Plan assumes nine players on a team and half a court.