Integrated (Marketable-Value)Replications International 


 London. Moscow. Kolkata. Dhaka.Kuala Lumpur. Nagoya 



Competitive production and voluntary exchange of values; the life giving force of conscious beings throughout the universe!







Thank you Chelsea Harbour, London and all the guys and girls who gathered at that watering-hole!  It was here that the sprouting seeds of self-development were nurtured and began to blossom with the roots of the seed spreading deeper with each moment.


I learned excitement, hope, enthusiasm, passion, pain, disappointment and many other emotions.  The pain was positive as without it I would never be able to value pleasure!


Hey a very special hello to Gary Chamberlain whose example was a guiding light in the pitch black darkness.  Thanks my friend, for all the support, implied teachings and always being there when I needed you!  Your calls to me when I was all on my own out there in-the-cold in Moscow will never be forgotten!