Week 1:

Presentation: Introduction to Java, Printing, Data Types
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Work on Unit 02 from CodeHS Java Course

Week 2:

Presentation on Methods in Java
Sample Function Exercise
Work on Unit 03 from CodeHS Java Course
-Exercise 3.2.5
-Exercise 3.2.6
-Exercise 3.2.7
-Exercise 3.2.8
-Exercise 3.3.4
-Exercise 3.3.5
-Exercise 3.3.6
Start Building Training Robot

Week 3:

Java programming for FTC Robots: The Base Robot Class
Motor and Servo Operations for FTC Robots
Week 4:
REV Expansion Hub Guide
Java Programming for FTC Robots:
Encoders and Sensors
Autonomous Driving Strategies

Week 5:
Java Programming for FTC Robots:
Driver Control Strategies