Prepare for the AP Computer Science Exam: Programming in Java



Unit 0:  Setting Up
1. Introductions, Expectations, Agenda
1a. What we learn in context / Design Thinking Process

Unit 1: Introduction to Java, String, Relational, and Logical operations
2. Java Overview
3. Online Textbook description
4. Classes and Objects
5. Eclipse IDE
6. Contact UML
7. String Presentation
7a. Conditional Statements and Logic
7b. Looping and Iteration
8. CodingBat

Unit 2: Arrays, Lists, Searching, and Sorting
9. Java Arrays and Array Lists
10. Swapping Items / Swapping in an Array or List
11. Sequential Search in Arrays
12. Chutes and Ladders Overview

Unit 3: Software design, Recursion, 2D Arrays
13. Address Book Overview
14. Recursion
15. Binary Search
16. Lab: APCS Problem 01
17. 2D Arrays
17a. Game of Life
18. Sorting (Bubble, Insertion, and Merge Sort)
19. Craps Lab: Graphics, Conditionals, Switch Case

Other Projects and Activities:

Address Book Project
2D Array Problem: Grayscale A
2D Array Problem: Cipher A
Game of Life: Description and Requirements
Game of Life: Source Files
Sorting (Bubble and Insertion Sort)
APCS Problem 02: APLine from Online Textbook
APCS Problem 03
Magpie Lab


Online Textbook: Java Review
CodingBat Java Problems
Official Java Documentation
Eclipse Download
Processing Download
Game of Life Source Files

Extension Activities (For students in Week II)

Textbook Exercises

Magpie Chatbot Lab
Two Dimensional Arrays
Object-Orientated Concepts
Searching and Sorting

PreTest and Survey
Java Overview: Variables
Textbook: Variables
Textbook: Conditionals and Logic
Textbook: Operators
CodingBat Description
CodingBat: WarmUp1
Conditionals and Logic Exercise
CodingBat: Logic1
Setup TestPlatform Project
CodingBat String 1
String Presentation
Textbook Chapter Strings
CodingBat String1
Looping and Iteration
AP CS String Assignment
Swapping Items, Swapping in Array or List
Chutes and Ladders Project through Phase 5

CodingBat: Logic1
Arrays and ArrayList Presentation
CodingBat Array-1
CodingBat Array-2
Sequential Search
APCS Array Assignment: Horse Barn A

Arrays and ArrayList Presentation
Textbook: Arrays
CodingBat Array-1
Lab Project: Lipogrammer
Lab Project: Vending Machine
Craps Lab: Graphics, Conditionals, Switch Case
Array Assignment: Horse Barn A
CodingBat Array-2 Problems
APCS Problem 01: String Utilities
Game of Life Project

APCS Problem 01: String Utilities
APCS Problem 01: Setup Instructions
Linear and Sequential Search / Finding Largest and Smallest in Arrays
CodingBat Array-2 Problems
Craps Lab: Graphics Conditionals, Switch Case
Game of Life: Description and Requirements
Chutes and Ladders Simulation
CodingBat AP-1 Problems
Post Survey and Test
Groups and Topics for Parent Show
Finish Activities and Prepare for Parent Challenge Project