Introduction to Robotics and Engineering


This course is designed as an introduction to robotics and engineering concepts: motion path planning, physics of robotics systems, vectors of force, and computer aided design. The course integrates technology, math, science, and engineering (STEM Topics). Students will study the physics involved in large scale robot design. The course will rely heavily on active labs to build and test robotic systems, use CAD software to create designs, and develop software for robotic machines. Opportunities for simple introduction to some programming also exist during the course.

File Area Setup:
Google Drive Setup
Google Site Setup
RobotC Download Instructions
Processing Installation Instructions
Directions for Uploading Videos to Google Site

RobotC Lessons
Description of VEX Cortex Microcontroller
DriveStraight and DriveTime Functions
TouchStop Function
Forward with Encoders Function
Programming for Driver Control

Reference Material for RobotC and VEX
Description of Robotic System  
VEX ClawBot Design and Wiring Guide
RobotC and VEX Introduction
VEX Motor and M29 Wiring
VEX Sensor Wiring
VEX Example Sensor Setup and Debugger Windows
VEX Building System Overview
Sample Chassis Design (Small)
RobotC Language Guide
Touch Sensor
Encoder Presentation
Attaching Light Sensor
Line Following and Light Sensor Presentation
VEX Remote Control
Pneumatic Control Function
PID Algorithm Description and Sample

Building Directions
Wiring Guide for ClawBot
Overview of ClawBot V2

Autodesk Inventor Lessons
Installing Autodesk Inventor and VEX Kit of Parts
Autodesk Assignment 01
Autodesk Tutorials: Scooter

Processing Overview
Java and Processing Elements

Processing Video Lessons
Kinematics 01: Introduction to Robot Arm Kinematics: Trig
Kinematics 02: Definition of Radians and Application to Kinematics
Kinematics 03: Using Processing To Draw and Animate a Robot Arm Segment
Kinematics 04: Writing a Function for a 2nd Arm Segment
Kinematics 05: Writing a Class Based Segmented Robot Arm

Processing Written lessons and Presentations
Kinematics 02: Rotation, Trigonometry, and Robot Arm Simulation
Kinematics 03: Using Processing To Draw and Animate a Robot Arm Segment
Kinematics 04: Writing a Function for a 2nd Arm Segment

Turning in Processing Projects as ZIP Files
Directions for creating ZIP File for Processing Projects

Open Computer Vision and Python:
Directions for Installing Python and Open CV
Raspberry Pi Installation Instructions

Overview: Open CV and Python 
Template Matching

Problem Sets and Exercises for Computer Vision
Problem Set 01
Problem Set 01 Written Directions and Guide
Image: Mona Lisa
Template Matching and Video Exercise

Code Samples for Computer Vision in Python and Open CV
Image Read and Display Example
Reading Camera Data Example
Match Template and Video Example
Arduino Servos/Motors and Python Function Examples

Exercises for RobotC:
Exercise 01:  Motors and Sensors
Exercise 02: Functions for ClawBot

Lab 00: Exercise with VEX Cortex and Motors
Lab 01: Defining Functions and Linear Programming
Lab 02: Light Sensor and Line Following
Lab 03a: Robot Build Lab
Lab 03b: Robot Build Lab: Ball Shooter
Lab 03c: Sensor Based Robotics: Animal Behaviors
Lab 04: Processing Robot Arm Simulation and Kinematics
Lab 05: Tele Operated Robotics

Final Project:
Final Project Description and Rubric
Final Project Proposal
Final Project Autodesk Inventor Design    

Resources for FTC:

FTC Safety
Tetrix Mechanical Design
Designing for FTC with Tetrix System

Autodesk Inventor
Android Studio Programming for FTC

Building Plans:
Pushbot Build and Program
RangerBot Build

Lab FTC 01: Safety
Lab FTC 02: Install Autodesk Inventor and Tetrix Parts
Lab FTC 03: Ranger Robot Build



Monday, August 21st: Google Drive Setup
                                            Google Site Setup
                                            History of Word "Robot" defined on your Google Site

Tuesday, August 22nd: Lab FTC_01: Tool and Lab Safety Presentation
                                        Due at end of class.

Friday, August 25th: Lab FTC_02: Install and Test Autodesk Inventor
                                    Due at beginning of class
Friday, September 1st: Lab FTC_04: Engineering Notebook Setup

Tuesday, September 5th: Lab FTC_03: Ranger Robot Build                                 


Emergency Lesson Plans:

Code Academy Lessons