Electronics I: Digital Logic, Circuit Design, and Microprocessors


This course is designed as an introduction to electrical engineering concepts: circuit design, electronics, Boolean algebra, digital mathematics and microprocessor design. The course integrates technology, math, science, and engineering (STEM Topics). Students will study the physics involved in electronic circuitry, and will use Boolean algebra to design logic circuits. The course will rely heavily on active labs to build and test electronic components, employ logic simulators and software to design and test simple circuits, and design and build simple robotics structures. Opportunities for simple introduction to some programming also exist during the course.

File Area, Git, GitHub, and Software Setup:

Binary Numbers

Fritzing Resources

Arduino Resources (PDF Files)

Arduino Resources (Written Introductory Lessons)

Arduino Resources (Video Lessons)

Arduino and Electronics Labs:
Lab 03: Electricity and Current
Lab 05: Binary Numbers
Lab 08: Arduino Sensors

Arduino and Python and Computer Vision

Other Arduino Resources:

Kinect Resources:

WerkStatt Resources:
    -(Download, Unzip, Place in <My Documents/Arduino/libraries>

WerkStatt Lessons:

Processing Resources:


Electronics I Syllabus


Assignment 00:   Google Classroom and Drive Setup
                                        Google Site Setup

Assignment 01: Lab 01: Arduino Programming and Serial Printing
                                                  Due at the beginning of class

Assignment 02:   LED Exercise 01 (Due at beginning of class)
                                           Install Fritzing Software

Assignment 03:  LED Row Blink Assessment
                                    Directions and Samples for LED Rows and Arrays
                                    Due at Beginning of Class
                                    Setup NeoPixel Library and Test NeoPixel Strand

Assignment 04: Lab 02: LED Designs 

Assignment 05:  Piezo Music Exercise
                                              (Due at the beginning of class)

Assignment 06: Lab 04: Piezo Music (Due at the end of class)

Assignment 07: Digital Logic Homework (Upload to Google Classroom)

Assignment 08: Latches and Flip Flop Assignment (Upload zipped file to Google Classroom)

Assignment 09: Shift Register Lab

Follow Directions on Page 16 of Sparkfun Inventor's Guide

Sample Code:

Wiring Diagram:


Assignment 10: Lab 06: Digital Design Lab

Assignment 11: Servo Exercise

Assignment 12: Lab 07: Arduino Servos

Assignment 13: Home Electrical Survey

Assignment 14: Electricity Formula Problem Set

Assignment 15: Test: Digital Logic and Electricity Formulas

Assignment 16: Final Project Proposal Due

Assignment 17: Final Project Due. Presentations in class

    -Uzip to: "C:\Program Files (x86)\arduino-1.0.1\libraries"

(Extract to Documents\Arduino\libraries folder)


All About Circuits Online Textbook
Home Appliance Guide from Georgia Power
Cisco Binary Number Game
Emergency Lesson Plans:

Code Academy Lessons