Computational Media


This one-term project-based course is a continuation of the introduction to basic computer skills begun in the Introduction to Technology course. Students broaden their knowledge of what a computer can do for them through database and spreadsheet programs, desktop-publishing and digital-imaging software, web-page design with HTML and wiki or blogging resources. Mindmapping software, chart-making, presentation tools and computer programming are also introduced. Computer ethics, technology and social issues are often investigated during this course. Students are encouraged to enroll in this course as early as possible upon arriving to Marist.

Computational Media Resources

Folder and OneNote Setup Directions
Google Drive and File System Setup
Google Site setup and sharing
Google Site Grading Examples

Code.Org Programming Project:
Setup Instructions for project
Link to Code.Org programming website
App Lab Website

Code.Org JavaScript Class Assignment Links: (Term 2, Winter 2017)

File Extension Project
File Extension Classification
File Extensions Table
Directions for Uploading file and image to Google Sites

Photoshop Resources
Images for Practice
Beach Image for Practice
Puppy Image for Practice
Sunglasses Image for Practice

Tutorials and Lessons

Photoshop Beach Practice Assignment
Beach Practice Written Directions
Photoshop Video Lessons
Tools and Techniques for Photoshop

Photoshop Project Resources
Photoshop Project Description and Rubric
Photoshop Collage Project Assignment
Setting Up a Blank Photoshop Collage Project
Marist Style Sheet
Collecting Images for Photoshop Project
Starting a Blank Photoshop Document
Directions for Setting Up Works Cited Document

Photoshop Troubleshooting
Fixing the Windows 8 Flickering Problem

Graphic Design
Principles of Design: CARP
CARP Infographic
Golden Ratio in Design

Lessons and Projects
Directions for Downloading and Installing SketchUp
Sketchup House Practice Requirements
Written Directions for SketchUp House Practice
Tools and Techniques Presentation
SketchUp Video Lessons
SketchUp Project Description and Rubric
SketchUp Project V2 Description and Rubric
SketchUp Project Description and Rubric Video

Other Resources:
SketchUp Written Practice 01
SketchUp Written Practice 02
SketchUp Written Practice 03
Tools and Techniques Presentation
Download SketchUp

Processing Lessons
SketchPad: Online Processing IDE
Directions for downloading Processing
Java and Processing Elements
Video Introduction to Processing
Defining Functions: Draw a Boat Exercise
Processing Function Exercise
Processing Synthesizer Lab

Processing Lessons on
Processing Project Description and Rubric
Design Process for Processing Final Project
Directions for Zipping and Uploading Processing Project

Video Lessons for Processing Introduction:
Lesson 01: Drawing and Setting Colors
Lesson 02: 2D Image drawing and fill
Lesson 03: Using the draw() function for animation

Processing: Resources for Actor Class
Actor Class Code
Defining Classes in Processing
Directions for Class Based Programming
Directions for Actor Based Exercise
Directions for Creating Child Class of Actor
Directions for Simple Game in Processing
Collision Detection Examples for Actor Class
Particle Simulation with Arrays and act() function
Event Driven programming for Actor Class
Example Code of for Arrow Key Moving
Example Code for Jumping
Directions for Adding Trigonometry Functions to Actor Class

Werkstatt Lessons:
Processing and Synthesizer Lab
WerkStatt File Setup Directions
WerkStatt Lesson 01
WerkSTatt Lesson 01 Setup Diagram
WerkStatt Lesson 02
WerkStatt Lesson 02 Setup Diagram
WerkStatt Lesson 03
WerkStatt Lesson 03 Setup Diagram
WerkStatt Lesson 03 Processing Wave Reader Code
WerkStatt Science Lesson 03: Photocell
Post Test for Study
Retrospective Survey

EarSketch Lessons
Online EarSketch:
EarSketch FitMedia Function Video
EarSketch Overview and Introduction
Setup EarSketch Directions: User Account
Online EarSketch Website
A B Sections Exercise EarSketch 2 Directions
MakeBeat and For Loop Exercise EarSketch 2 Directions
Defining Functions Directions
Effects Exercise
Table of EarSketch Effects
Lists in EarSketch Exercise
EarSketch Final Project Directions and Rubric
EarSketch Final Project Description Presentation

Python Resources:
Python Lessons on CodeCademy
CodingBat Account Setup and Sharing
Online Python Interpreter (nebomusic)

Installed EarSketch:
Instructions for Installing EarSketch

Download EarSketch Program (Marist Students)
EarSketch Programming Lessons
EarSketch Lessons and Reference at Georgia Institute of Technology
EarSketch Website

App Inventor Resources
Instructions for App Inventor Install and USB Driver Setup
USB Drivers for Android Devices
App Inventor Lessons
App Inventor Website
Media for App Inventor Projects
App Inventor Projects from MIT
App Inventor Projects from Georgia Tech
App Inventor Companion for Android Application Download
Language Codes for Text to Speech Object

If Blocks Editor Prompts for a Path, Copy Text Below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\AppInventor\commands-for-Appinventor

Scratch Programming Resources
Scratch Drum Machine Video Lesson
Scratch Xylophone Video Lesson
Scratch Xylophone Written Instructions
Scratch Recording Xylophone Written Instructions
Scratch PicoBoard Lessons
Scratch Lessons: Animation
Scratch Examples and Instructions
Scratch Website at MIT
Scratch 2 Online Editor

EV3 Software Download (From LEGO)
EV3 Software Download (Alternate)
EV3 Lessons

Google Sites Lessons
Google Sites Video Lessons

Inspiration Projects:
File Extension Classification

Dreamweaver Lessons
Dreamweaver Video Lessons

Excel Lessons
Excel Lessons

Python Formula Lessons
Python Formula Lessons

Audacity Resources
Exporting a .wav file in Audacity

Teacher Training:

Teacher Training Resources
Teacher Training Documents
Setting Up Shared Folders for Teachers with SkyDrive


Computational Media Syllabus


Assignment 01: Google Site Setup
                                         Google Drive Setup
                                         Due at the beginning of class

Assignment 02:  File Extension Classification

Assignment 03: Photoshop Beach Project
                                            Written Directions for Beach Project
                                            Directions for uploading Photoshop projects to 
                                             your Google Site
                                            Due by 10:00 PM

Assignment 04:  Photoshop Project Due
                                           Photoshop Project Directions
                                           Requirements and Rubric
                                           Directions for Turning In
                                           Video Lessons on CARP

Assignment 05:  SketchUp House Practice due
                                                   Directions for SketchUp House Project
                                                  -Upload Screenshot of House to Google Site
                                                  -Upload SketchUp file to Google Site


Assignment 06:      SketchUp Design Project
                                          Description and Rubric for SketchUp Design Project
                                          Due at the end of class

Assignment 07:  EarSketch AB Exercise
                                      Due at beginning of class

Assignment 08: EarSketch makeBeat Exericse

Assignment 09: EarSketch function exercise

Assignment 10:

Processing Boat Exercise

Directions: Boat Exercise

Assignment 11:

Processing Function Exercise
Code Template for Function Exercise

Assignment 12:  

Presentation for Classes in Java
Code Source: Actor Class
Part 1: Make SpinningTriangle
Part 2: Bouncing Square and Racing Rectangle
Part 3: Passing Functions
Part 4: Add Car, Circle, and Spinning Line
Part 5: Required Classes in Project Chart

Assignment 13:

Processing Simple Game Exercise
Processing Make It Rain Exercise

Game Movement Links:
Arrow Mover

Assignment 14:   

Processing Final Project:
Design Process
Directions for turning in projects as ZIP files



Processing Website
EarSketch Website
Hour of Code Website
AutoDesk 123D Design App

App Inventor Website
Media for App Inventor Projects

Online EarSketch Website
Audio Sauna Online Synthesizer

Prayer Assignments Term 3, 2017-2018    

Emergency Lesson Plans:

Code Academy Lessons