Mathematical Foundations of Animation and Computer Graphics


This class teaches the mathematical and computational techniques that underlie the creation, encoding, display, and animation of computer-generated graphics. Programmatic techniques for translation, rotation, and scaling computer images will apply geometry and trigonometry concepts in a visual and real-time medium. Animation techniques using frame and canvas-based painting and ‘in-betweening’ will extend the drawing of 2D and 3D images. Programmatic techniques of random background generation will be explored. 3D image creation and rendering will employ the use of mesh, texture, lighting, and perspective. This class will use the Java Programming language, Blender 3D software, and AutoDesk Maya Software.


Folder and OneNote Setup Directions:
Setup Shared Google Drive Folder and File System
Google Site Setup and Sharing
Download and Install Processing

Git and GitHub Resources:
Git and GitHub Presentation

Processing Resources:
Processing Lessons at
Directions for Uploading Processing Projects to Google Site

Processing Presentations:
Functions and Drawing In Processing
Java and Processing Elements
Planning MultiShape Functions

Implementation of Actor Class in Processing
Defining Classes in Processing
UML Diagram for Actor Class
Resource: Directions for Class based programming
Resource: Directions for Creating Child Classes
Resource: Event Driven Programming for Animation
Arrays, For Loops, and using the act() Function for multiple Actors
Vectors, Trigonometry, Direction, and Velocity for Actors
Code Source: Actor Class Without Trigonometry

Rotation, Segments, and Trigonemetry in Processing
Modeling Segments with Trigonometry
Skeletons and Rigging with Segments
Directions for Adding Trigonometry Functions
UML Diagram for Segment, Skeleton, and Actor Classes
Linking Segments with Arrays and Lists
Event Driven Rigging
Resource: Written Directions for Segment and Skeleton

Modeling Polygons with Rotation in Processing
Polygon Modeling

Processing Projects
Project 01: Multi-Shape Functions
Project 02: The Actor Class
Project 03: Trigonometry 
Project 04: Particle Simulations

Creating ZIP Files for Processing Projects
Directions for turning in Processing Projects

Maya 2014 Resources:

User Interface and Modeling:
User Interface Guide
Geometry Exercise with Maya

Object Animation and Movement:
Animation, Keyframes, and Playblasts
Maya Bouncing Exercise
Directions for Uploading Playbast to Google Site

Block Modeling with Skeletons:
BlockMan Project
BlockMan Directions
Face Project

Anibot and Rig Animation
AniBot Rig Control Description
Anibot Setup Exercise
Anibot Story Project
Think Like An Animator: Express yourself in 3D
Maya Animation with Pre-Existing Rig
Storyboard Sample
Pixar Presto System Demonstration Video

Advanced Modeling with Skelecton, UV Texture, Animation
Chapters 3 through 5 in textbook
Source Images

Chapters 6 through 12 of Textbook
Project: Chapters 6 through 12


Animation and Computer Graphics Syllabus

Assignments:  (Due at beginning of class unless otherwise noted)

Assignment 01:   Google Drive and File Area Setup
Assignment 02:    Google Site Setup

Assignment 03:  Install Maya 2015 Software

Assignment 04: Mouse and Equipment check                                       

Assignment 05: Maya Geometry Project

Assignment 06:  Maya Animation Exercise
                                             Directions for embedding playlist

Assignment 07:        BlockMan Project
                                             BlockMan Directions

Assignment 08:      AniBot Setup Exercise
                                          AniBot Rig Control Description

Assignment 09: AniBot Story Project
                                        Storyboards and .AVI Movie
                                         embedded in your Google Site

Assignment 10:  Elemental Moves for Articulated Rigs

Assignment 11: Gymnastics or Dancing Animation

Assignment 12:  Final Project Treatment
                                      Written on Final Project Page on Google Site.

Assignment 13: Final Project Due


Handouts folder for Animation and Computer Graphics
Topics: History of Computer Animation
Processing Program
AutoDesk Maya Download


Processing Website: Examples, Tutorials
Autodesk Digital Steam Website
Scratch Online Editor
Pink Panther Rig
Animation Mentor Website

Emergency Lesson Plans:

Code Academy Lessons