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David Wise
Director of  Technology and Innovative Programs                                                                                                                  
315-926-2300 Ext. 1212   

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To engage students and staff in learning and building success by providing instruction and opportunities to integrate technology in multiple and appropriate settings. Students and staff will become innovative, competent and ethical in their use of technology.


State of the art technology is seamlessly integrated into the educational process at MCSD and leveraged to enhance the educational experience for all stakeholders (staff, students and community).


  • Technology must be embraced.
  • Technology is embedded in rigorous and meaningful learning experiences.
  • Technology is dynamic, constantly evolving and demands constant updating.
  • Technology eliminates time and distance barriers.
  • Technology creates a potential for unique communities
  • The school will look to the needs of business, industry, higher education and community, to drive the technological uses within the school.

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