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AP Biology Homework

Monday May 14th - Friday May 25th!

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AP Biology Final Project

Due Friday May 25th, 2012




For your final project you will be creating a 5 to 10 minute video “Mr. Anderson” style pre-lab video to introduce the purpose of the lab, the materials of the lab, procedure of the lab, and data collection mechanisms for the lab.  Along with your video you must also include questions that correspond to your video. 

Your video will go into an e-book that is being used by next year’s freshmen.  Your final video should be professional, serious, accurate, and performed without notes.


Your task over the next week is to:


a.     Learn how to do the lab.

b.     Get all of the equipment ready.

c.     Practice your video.

d.     Film your video

e.     Submit your video to me.

f.     Submit your pre-lab questions to me on a word document.


Checklist for what must be included in your video:





1.  Background to the lab

Key concepts explained and terms defined.


2.  Objectives of the lab

Be sure to state or write down the main goals of the lab.


3.  Equipment and Procedure

Show all equipment used in the lab and go through the lab procedure (perform the lab)


4.  Gathering Data

Discuss how data will be collected or measured in the lab.


5.  Closing Statement – tips /advise

Restate purpose of lab. Give final tips for doing the lab correctly.








You will work with two students for this project.  Here is the list of labs that need to be represented by your projects.



Team Recording Video

1.  Pill Bug Lab

Bryn and Kelly

2.  Enzyme Lab

 Stephanie, Cassie, Tia

3.  Soil Testing

Jose, Jared

4.  Chromatography Lab

 Chloe, Haley, Clare

5.  Cricket Lab

 Alexis, Ali

6.  Yeast Population Lab

 Laura, Gigi, Joe

7.  Limit to Cell Size Lab

 Alyssa, Danny

8.  Diffusion Lab

Stephanie, Danny

9.  Photosynthesis Lab – light vs. dark

 Chloe, Clare, Haley

10.  Microscope Lab

 Aidan, Paige

11.  Blood Typing Lab

 Melissa, Dani

12.  pGLO Lab

 Mara, Nashel



Wednesday May 9, 2012

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Review Topics you requested for the AP Exam

C4 and CAM Plants - watch this video

C4 and CAM Plants



Mitosis vs. Meiosis Animation HERE

Spermatogenesis HERE

Oogenesis HERE

Cellular Respiration Song HERE

Macromolecules Animation HERE

Photosynthesis Animation HERE

Cellular Respiration Animation HERE

Fermentation Animation HERE

Survivorship Curves HERE

Nitrogen Cycle Animation HERE

Dihybrid Cross Animation HERE

Kidney Animation HERE

Anigosperm Life Cycle Animation HERE

Moss Life Cycle HERE

Fern Life Cycle HERE

Germ Layer Animation - mesoderm, ecotoderm, endoderm - HERE

Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium HERE

Tuesday May 8th, 2012

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Study for your AP Biology Exam which is next Monday!
Add 3 or more topics to the class review sheet request by Wednesday at 9 p.m. so I can create two days of specific review for you.

AP Biology Review Request.docx

Wednesday May 1st - Friday May 3rd, 2012

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1.  Students please work on completing the Ultimate AP Bio review found below, emailed to you, and given to you in class on Friday by next Tuesday! It will help you prepare for the AP Exam on May 14th!

Watch more video Tutorials from Mr. Anderson. His channel is HERE

k and r selection

Muscular System

Sunday April 29, 2012

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AP Biology Class Final Exam - Tuesday 50 minutes for 2 free response questions
80 minutes for 100 multiple choice
Thanks for coming to today's Pasta Feed Review Session!
I am proud of all of you!!!

Friday April 27, 2012

posted Apr 28, 2012, 2:38 PM by mchurchill@marincatholic.org

1.  Study for Reproductive System Quiz on Monday!

2.  Study for AP Final Exam on Tuesday. Please plan to stay at school until 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

See all review material found below!

3.  AP Biology Pasta Dinner Feed and Study Session Sunday April 29th at Marin Catholic Room 402 from 6-8 - please let me know if you are coming.

Also some people had questions about r and k selection please watch the video below!

r and k selection

Please watch the Mr. Anderson Video on the Excretory System


Thursday April 26, 2012

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1.  Endocrine System Quiz Tomorrow

Match the Gland with the Hormone - Part A.
Match the Hormone with the Action - Part B.






Circadian rhythm

Anterior Pituitary


Cell growth

Posterior Pituitary


Water balance






Lowers blood Ca



Raises blood Ca



Lowers blood sugar



Raises blood sugar

Adrenal cortex



Adrenal medulla


Fight or Flight



Female sex characteristics



Male sex characteristics

Monday & Tuesday April 23rd and April 24th!

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Please watch these two animations: 

Action Potential HERE

Synaptic Transmission HERE

Questions for the animation were passed out in class and can be found attached above.

Also attached are the video questions from today's Mr. Anderson Nervous System review HERE

The Immune System Video you will be studying in class tomorrow - please bring head phones HERE

You will have a Quiz on Thursday asking you:

a.  Draw a picture of a graph explaining an action potential. Explain what is happening at each phase of the graph.

b.  Explain how a message is sent across a synapse.
c.  You will be asked 7 questions from the Immune System Video Questions.

Email me if you have any questions!

Wednesday April 18, 2012

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Thursday April 19th Circulatory Video - Mr. Anderson HERE and Organ Systems - HERE

Friday April 20th Nervous System -
10 question quiz on Circulatory System
HERE and Sensory System - HERE

Monday April 23
10 question quiz on Nervous System
Respiratory System - HERE

Tuesday April 24
10 Question Quiz on Respiratory System
Immune System - HERE

Thursday April 25
10 Question Quiz on Immune System
Endocrine System - HERE

Friday April 26
10 Question Quiz on Endocrine System
Reproductive System - HERE

Monday April 30th
10 Question Quiz on Reproductive System
Review for Final Exam

Tuesday May 1st Multiple Choice 100 Questions Final Exam - be prepared to stay 1/2 hour after school to finish test

Thursday May 3rd 2 essay questions

Friday May 4th 2 essay questions

Review for AP Exam May 7th - May 11th

AP Exam May 14th

Monday April 16, 2012

posted Apr 15, 2012, 8:13 PM by mchurchill@marincatholic.org

1.  Complete the pre-lab for AP Lab #12 on Dissolved Oxygen.

2.  Be prepared to start this lab on Tuesday.

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