monday, april 30, READ "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong" (pages 85 to 110 in newest edition)

posted Apr 30, 2012, 1:23 PM by Thomas Thompson
Study guide questions:
1. Is this war story?  Who is the main character and why?
2. Again the story plays with the truth.  In the first paragraph, O'Brien writes:  "I heard it from Rat Kiley, who swore up and down to its truth, although in the end, I'll admit, that doesn't amount to much of a warranty."  How does O'Brien engage you in a story which, up front, he has already admitted is probably "not true."  How dose this relate to his ideas for a "true war story" found in the previous chapter?
3. How does O'Brien use physical details to show Mary Anne's change?  consider gestures, her clothes, her actions--How specifically has she changed?  And why?
4. Why do you think O'Brien keeps stopping the story so that other characters can comment on it?  How do these other conversations ad to Mary Anne's story?
5. Does it matter what happened in the end to Mary Anne?  Would this be a better story if we knew, precisely what happened to her after she left camp?  Or does this vague ending ad to the story?
6. Why do you think she changed?  What did the change symbolize?