You are the driver of your own bus. You are in charge of your own education. Handle your business. Go Cats!

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Here are some basics in this class!!

Keep an open mind and heart when dealing with God and your faith.
"I'll believe in God when I see God" is a mistake in your faith life.
"I'll see God when I believe in God" is more like it!
God is all around us because God is in all that is true. From nature and our personal relationships to math and science. Where truth is, God is.
The life of the mind and reason is not divorced from the life of faith. It takes time to understand this concept. Hang in!
St Thomas Aquinas said " WE can testify to something only in the measure that WE have shared in it." Amen to that.

Get to Church/Temple/Mosque where you faith backround guides you . Like eating your veggies, It's good for you!

God is the source of all truth. All truth is God's truth. And where truth is, God is.

Protect your privacy. Beware of fake digital friends. 

No one likes a whiner. Whiners have mental B.O. When you complain, 90% of folks don't care and the other 10% are glad.
 Suck it up and be tough. 

Judge slowly.

A kind word can save a life. 

 Simple acts of love go a long way.

Go Cats!