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The Expectant Knitter: 30 knitted designs for baby and your growing family. 

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With 30 original knitting designs, you'll find something for everyone in the Expectant family.   The book and yarns for all the patterns are available at Stitch DC stores.  Out of town, just call or email me, and I can send you what you need!

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More designs available on my store blog and here.

The Very Easy Guide to Knitting Scarves: Step-by-Step Techniques, Easy-to-Follow Patterns, and 22 Projects to Get You Started 

What was your first knitting project? A scarf is where many of us start and often return. Scarves never lose their appeal. For the beginner, this book offers basic stitches paired with beautiful yarns to create gorgeous scarves—from cozy winter warmers to delicate evening wraps. The more advanced can choose from cable patterns, lace stitches, Fair Isle patterns,and many other inspiring ideas. 
- Showcases 22 patterns to knit in a range of styles and for different occasions. 
- A directory of stitch patterns, plus suggested ways to embellish and customize scarves turn into hundreds of design variations. 
- Includes everything you need to get to grips with the stitch techniques, even if you are a complete beginner—plus plenty of designs suited to more adventurous knitters.

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