Research Questions

In collaboration with key stakeholders, research questions have been developed and are being refined for each key area.
Overall, we want to see to what extent we do the following:
  1. increase the pool of effective teachers of language learners (TLLs), and  
  2. improve instruction and support TLLs in various programs at local Title I schools. 

Example 1: How do the enrollment and attrition rates of students beginning the program at MCC and completing the program at ASU compare to similar students at MCC and who began the program at other community colleges or at ASU?

Example 2: How do administrators at partner Title 1 schools view the instruction provided by TLLs who have been part of our program as compared to other TLLs? 


Major challenges:     

  • Determining the specific research questions
  • Coordinating the efforts to collect and analyze data
  • Tracking the data