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Project Director Goals

Goal 1:
  To unite the local educational community with a common goal:  To develop Arizona's language learners into our future leaders.  To do this:
  • MCC's Education Studies department will partner with other departments to work towards a common goal in producing strong teachers for the language learners who go to school in our community.
      • MCC will partner with ASU, the AZGA and other local educational agencies to meet the needs of local teachers of language learners.
      • MCC will create a TL3C consortium to bring together local K-8 schools with large language learner populations to encourage collaboration to improve instruction, curriculum and resources.

Goal 2:
  To ensure that the TL3C grant is directed and facilitated appropriately to ensure the grant is funded for the full 5 years and becomes sustainable after the grant cycle ends.  To do this:
  • The Project Director will collaborate with TL3C staff, MCC grant and HR personnel, and the US DoE grant liason on a regular basis to ensure correct documentation, communication and procedures are followed and utilized to reach the TL3C grant goals in an appropriate and successful manner
      • The Project Director will work closely with all partners to ensure community language learner and TLL needs are the primary focus in all planning and implementation of activities related to the TL3C grant
      • The Project Director will consider all current and future partnerships and opportunities as the grant is being carried out; reflecting on how best to make the grant sustainable for the future.  A few key ideas in planning for sustainability are:
        • Create materials and a plan on recruiting and advertising for the TL3C program to get the word out into the community.  In addition, promotion of the program and successes will be reviewed frequently to put the TL3C program on the map.  This will create a community program for high school students hoping to go into the teaching profession and will build a name for itself; creating a highly sought after program for our future teachers.
        • Build contact lists with local high school future educator clubs and organizations to begin recruiting for MCC's highly sought after education studies TL3C program beginning in year two.  
        • Build a sustaining partnership with ASU and other 4-year institutions who provide an elementary degree with an ESL/BLE endorsement for our pre-service teachers.  This will include grant opportunities that can help provide tuition funds for deserving pre-service teachers who complete the TL3C degree program after the grant cycle is completed.
        • Track successes as pre-service teachers work in local schools and move into their own classroom once they complete their degree.  This data will help support the strong program developed through the TL3C program as more students come to MCC to begin their college career.
        • Develop strong relationships with various MCC departments including CTL, science, math, language and technology departments in building strong pedagogy practices in all courses taken by MCC's pre-service teachers.  This will not only help our TL3C program, but will benefit all MCC students in the future.
        • Develop strong relationships with local education agencies in building professional development schools to provide quality real-word experiences for MCC's pre-service teachers.  This will also support MCC being the college of choice for generations to come through direct contact with diverse students in the community who will benefit from strong education experiences.