Teachers of Language Learners Learning Community

Mesa Community College’s Mission Statement states "MCC excels in teaching, learning, and empowering individuals to succeed in our local and global community."  The Teachers of Language Learners Learning Community (TL³C) Project is designed to directly address this mission by focusing on teaching and learning to empower current and preservice teachers to support a community need.  Local K-12 schools work with students from 66 countries speaking 50 different languages at varying proficiency levels (www.mpsaz.org).  While this linguistic diversity provides rich opportunities for language learning, it also presents a need for highly qualified teachers and programs that ensure that all students are provided with an equitable education.  The TL³C Project has partnered with four existing school districts that represent this diversity and are focused on both language development and the acquisition of content-specific knowledge.  In an effort to support this community need, the TL³C has two goals:
            • to increase the pool of effective teachers of language learners (TLLs), and
            • to improve instruction and support TLLs in various programs at local Title I schools.

To accomplish goal one the TL3C Project will:

  • develop highly qualified pre-service teachers who will complete coursework for their full Structured English Immersion (SEI) endorsement (required in Arizona) and their provisional ESL endorsement prior to transferring to the university to complete their elementary education degree with a full English as a Second Language (ESL) or Bilingual Education (BLE) endorsement
  • train and support higher education faculty in various disciplines who instruct preservice teachers in effective teaching strategies and best practices for diverse learners

To accomplish goal two the TL3C Project will:

  • develop STEM curricula designed for language learners that align to Arizona’s English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards and the newly adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • provide training for TLLs, paraprofessionals and preservice teachers to improve best practices for effectively meeting linguistic and academic needs of language learners
  • provide in-class support through trained paraprofessionals and preservice teacher assistants as well as instructional resources, including STEM activities to support curriculum taught

TL3C Partners:

ASU:  ASU's ESL/BLE Program graduates pre-service teachers with an elementary degree and an ESL or BLE endorsement.  This program prepares our students for the diverse classroom

AZGA:  The Arizona Geographic Alliance is a group of K-20 educators who meet the needs of teachers by providing curriculum aligned to state and national standards, providing professional development opportunities across the state of Arizona, and providing collaboration amongst the teaching profession

Gilbert Elementary's AFLA Program:  The Accelerated Foreign Language Academy is a school within a school in the Gilbert Unified School District that provides an opportunity for language learners to develop a second language while perfecting their primary language and hosts a diverse group of language learners

Keller Elementary's Dual Language Program:  Mesa Public Schools provides a dual language program for students wishing to read, write and speak both the English and Spanish language through a cultural experience for students

Valley View ElementaryValley View Elementary hosts the longest standing dual language program in Arizona.  This Roosevelt School District community builds pride in culture as dual languages are utilizes in all subject areas

Opportunities for Future Teachers
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Program Voicemail 260-MCC-TL3C    
Education Studies Dept 480-461-7781

Program Email TL3C@mesacc.edu

Are you an aspiring teacher who would like to work with language learners?
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TL³C Program at MCC

TL³C Program participants will:
  • Receive partial tuition, fee and book scholarships* for 4 semesters
  • Serve in dual language classrooms with diverse students
  • Complete SEI Endorsement requirements (mandatory for all k-12 teachers in AZ)
  • Complete course requirements for provisional English as a Second Language (ESL) and/or Bilingual Education Endorsement
  • Be empowered with effective instructional strategies that
    • promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education,
    • address the Common Core State Standards, and
    • build upon Arizona’s English Language Proficiency Standards
  • Go into the field prepared to serve English Language Learners in the community
*Funding for scholarship awards is limited to 20 approved participants per academic year. Application process is required.

Program Begins Fall Semester 2012
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