Fellowship Hallmark

The Fellowship Hallmark is inherent in all Phi Theta Kappa activities and programs. Plan Fellowship activities such as game nights, dances, carnivals, or family events, and then determine a scholarship, leadership or service activity that can be incorporated into the event (for example, a dance with an environmental theme). Again, you want a comprehensive program that helps members get to know each other better, reaches out to the college campus, invites community members to campus, and promotes fellowship regionally and/or internationally.

For the Fellowship Hallmark, record such things as

  • Who are the different people and audiences with whom you can collaborate?
  • How can you maximize the diversity and inclusivity for your project?
  • What perspectives and points of view are represented in your group? What challenges and benefits does diversity create?
  • What are your public relations and communication strategies? How will you measure success for these strategies?
  • What are the details of meetings and events for planning, information gathering, presentations, and debriefing and reflecting?
  • What feedback do you receive from meeting and event participants about the connections they make with others? How will you use the feedback?