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Week Ending August 19 2011

posted Aug 19, 2011, 7:22 PM by Frania Lugo   [ updated Aug 23, 2011, 8:50 PM ]

 This week I learned about accuracy vs. precision. Accuracy i

s an actual value (or average) it can be said to be a precise target. Precision in the other hand  is how often you can hit the same target, to have precision you must have more than one (or groups). Precision is found by calculating the range and the smaller the range the more precise it is.

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Scientific Theory- Evolution 
    Also in chemistry class i learned about. Scientific law vs scientific theory. A scientific law is a general explanation of things, that are fact to occur like for example if a pen is dropped Its warranted to fall. Scientific laws can't be changed and are often explained as equations. 
A scientific theory explains why things happen, and it can be changed, improved or eliminated. 

Scientific Law - Gravity

(The meniscus is a curved shaped at the end of the water can it can point up or down depending on what liquid it is)
     Last but not least I learned about how to calculate the meniscus in a  beaker, cylinder, and beret.
  1. Identify meniscus
  2. Get to eye level with meniscus
  3. Determine the scale (or number of lines in container)
  4.  Find the certain numbers 
  5.  Guess the last digits (must underline last digit)