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Week Ending September 09 2011

posted Sep 8, 2011, 7:47 PM by Frania Lugo   [ updated Sep 16, 2011, 9:30 AM ]
This week in chemistry class i learned about the scientific method which is what scientist and science students use scientific method to minimize the influence of bias in the experimenter when testing an hypothesis or a theory.. So now that I've said theory or hypothesis you must be wondering what those terms are. Theory explains why things happen, and it can be changed, improved or eliminated. A hypothesis is a statement that tries to prove or disprove a previous or new theory or law that can be proved or refuted by testing it multiple times

                                                                         Steps below:
Steps to Scientific method. 
  1. Observations: What you observe around using your five scenes 
  2. Ask Question: Ask a question about what you observed earlier 
  3. Do back ground research: This is done to know better what your curious about; Research to answer your question
  4. Hypothesis: An educated guess on how things work following a structure If _____[I do this] _____, then _____[this]_____ will happen.
  5. Test hypothesis: Is a test or multiple test to try to prove or revoke your question 
  6. Analyse data and draw conclusions: this is where you see if your hypothesis is correct or not and ifs its rejected you can come up with a new hypothesis and start testing all over.

We also learned about Inferences and how they are different from observations. 
An observation is gathering information using your five scenes (taste,touch,smell,sight,hearing)
There are two types of observations qualitative, (which describe an object or person) and quantitative (which describes an amount)
quantitative: i have two pencils
qualitative: The pencils are yellow
An inference is using your observations to come up with an outcome :
Observation: There is a woman holding a small child in her arms.
inference: The mother is holding her child in her arms.


Finally we also learned about line graphs: 
There are many different kinds of graphs but in class we will mostly be using Line graph, Pie graph, and Bar graph 

This is a bar graph and its used to represent similar proportions 
like favorite animal - cat, dog, bird ,elephant can all be a categories 
or a separate bar but car can not because its not a similar proportion.

This is a pie graph and this graph is used to represent percentages like how many houses flooded this pass September orange is Glendale 30% of houses flooded. Green is Phoenix 15% of houses flooded. Yellow are houses in Peoria 55% flooded.


Line graphs are used to represent how one variable affects another. like how the amount of water will affect a plan growth. The plants growth will be the dependent variable and the amount of water is the independent variable. So if you put a cup of water in a plan every other day the plant will grow up to be 2 feet tall, or if you put 3 cups of water a day the pant will die.