Data Migration

When your Employee Google Apps account gets created, we will migrate your existing server email from your old Memo, Outlook/Exchange, Zimbra account into your new GMail account.

Migration Checklist

Migration Checklist Following this checklist will assist your college IT staff in preparation for your college migration.


PC Created Excellent Videos for their Memo, Outlook and Thunderbird Users...and they will work for all throughout the District who use those systems.  It is highly recommended that you take a look at their materials...THANKS PC!


Migrating to Google

Pre-Migration Checklist for Thunderbird and Webmail (Memo) Users (PDF)
1. Rename folders with the (^) character in the name. Thunderbird | Webmail
2. Check to limit the total number of folders to 200. Thunderbird | Webmail
3. Check and limit long or nested folders to 225 characters. Thunderbird | Webmail
4. Review and retain emails with large file attachments or executable files. Thunderbird | Webmail
5. Empty your Junk mail and Trash folders. Thunderbird | Webmail
6. Move and relocate sub-folders underneath your Deleted Items and Drafts folders. Thunderbird | Webmail
7. Make a copy of any rules, filters, email signatures, and Contact Groups if desired. Thunderbird | Webmail

Pre-Migration Checklist for Exchange (Outlook) Calendar Users (PDF):
1. Don't create new recurring event. Watch.
2. Review and copy any meeting attachments
3. Note any category definitions on your calendar

Google Mail and Calendar Training Video Sessions Created by PC!

The following archived training sessions will give you detailed information on how to use Gmail and its Calendar.
1. Google Mail Training. Watch.
2. Google Calendar Training. Watch.
Note: If you have trouble viewing these videos, please download Silverlight.

Setting Up Google Mail in Outlook 2010 and IMAP Clients to Migrate Your Local Mail

 Outlook Local Mail Setup Follow these instructions to "drag and drop" your local mail to your new Google Mail account.
 Thunderbird Local Mail Setup Follow these instructions to "drag and drop" your local mail to your new Google Mail account.

What will get migrated

What will get migrated?
Here's a quick look at what will get imported from your old account, and what won't. 
Important Note: Local Mail does not get migrated! Please click on the "Import your local email to Google Apps" link on the left to find out how to do this VITAL task manually!
Prepare a MEMO Distribution Lists for Migration Brief instructions to ensure your MEMO Distribution Lists migrate to Google!
Can I keep my local contacts and Calendar Events?

Outlook Contacts Migration Process

Outlook Calendar Migration Process

Thunderbird Contacts Migration Process

Mac Mail Contacts Migration Process

SeaMonkey Contacts Migration Process

Oracle Calendar Migration Process

Brief instructions to import your local contacts to Google.
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